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A service of decrees, songs and invocations held on Friday evening by students of the ascended masters.

Beloved Zarathustra has spoken of the importance of the Ascension Service:

I would direct your attention to the fact that in this hour many pass from the screen of life in war or through famine and disease. Your Friday night service, the Order of the Golden Lily, under the Goddess of Liberty and dedicated to the ascension, was also instigated at the request of the Lords of Karma because of the great necessity for the weekly clearance of the planetary body of discarnates—those who pass from the screen of life whose astral sheath and lower bodies are yet earthbound.

In order for us to make progress in the Light, there must be the binding of these discarnates. There must be the calls made for the directing of these souls of Light by the power of the mighty archangels to the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

Let the earth, the astral plane, the mental belt, and the etheric body therefore be cleared utterly and completely, week by week, so that when the day dawns on Saturday the forces of freedom may march unencumbered and uninhibited by yesterday’s responsibility, having to become the cleanup committee to clear the way of this astral debris and therefore not being able to function purely in the defense of freedom and for the rescue of souls of Light on earth.

Blessed ones, there is a time and a place for all who pass from the screen of life. Some must be taken to the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood and some there are whose time is up who must face the Final Judgment. Some prepare for reincarnation in the retreats on the etheric plane. Some pass through the mystery of the ascension in the light after many weeks or months under the tutelage of Serapis Bey and others.

Understand that the calls given in the service on Friday evening are for each one to be in his proper place and for the remaining families and relatives to be delivered of their grief and mourning and their burden by the attachment to the discarnate and departed one, who himself or herself is not free to move on in spiritual evolution under the emotional pull of remaining family members.”[1]

Lanello has also spoken of the import of the spiritual work done in the Ascension Service:

I would reiterate to the messenger and to you openly that the Friday night Ascension Service that comes under the Order of the Golden Lily sponsored by the Goddess of Liberty is most necessary for the weekly housecleaning and the sweeping of the planet on the physical and astral and mental planes of these discarnates and the debris of current events of that week, many of which have punctured the auras of the people with great sorrow at the untimely passing of loved ones....

And do not put aside the understanding of world terrorism in all of these things. For even though on the outer, accidents may occur out of ignorance or ignorant animal magnetism (as you have called it) through the neglect of maintenance, on the astral plane that ignorance becomes a virulent malice. And it is an act of terrorism enacted by astral hordes, specifically the demons who are called vampires....

Thus, beloved ones, the Friday night service is for the clearing of the planet on the astral plane, and the physical as much as possible, of these dark ones who prey upon humanity in so many ways, as well as for the clearing of those who have passed from the screen of life for whom calls must be made to take them to the retreats of the sacred fire.

When this weekly housecleaning is not given priority by the saints, when they are lured to other places of entertainment and pleasure, then I tell you, beloved, it causes a suffering in the entire week which follows. May I advocate, therefore, that those of you who generally have commitments on the evening of Friday which take you away from the sanctuary come and give this vigil at five in the afternoon or earlier or in the early hours of the morning so that the twenty-four-hour cycle of Friday—which is the Good Friday, always in memory of the crucifixion of the Lord Christ—may be covered by you and may have the full action of the release of the sacred fire of the golden lily of the heart [your own threefold flame and that] of the Goddess of Liberty and therefore of all those who have attained to her level of Cosmic Christ attainment.”[2]

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