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Dr. Ralph Yaney at the gate of the Ashram of the World Mother, India, 1980

Following the 1980 Easter conference, Elizabeth Clare Prophet and a group of disciples made a pilgrimage to India and, in response to the commission of Chananda (December 29, 1979), established the Ashram of the World Mother in New Delhi. For several years thereafter students from headquarters and Teaching Centers staffed the Ashram and held services and lectures for Indian devotees.

The Goddess of Liberty spoke of the purpose of this outpost in India:

Chananda awaits the disciples who come out of the West unto the East bearing the flame of Gautama and Maitreya as representatives of the World Teachers. Let those who would apply for the mission to the other side of the Motherland present themselves by letter and in person to the Mother of the Flame. For we are ready and the Lord awaits the coming of his own....

O India, O America—blessed head and heart of our Brotherhood—may thy light endure and hold the balance through earth’s dark night of the soul!

The Master M. and K.H. together with the Maha Sahib will renew the hundred-year cycle of their service through the chelas at Adyar, while the blessings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother continue to light Pondicherry, and Yogananda and Sri Ramakrishna and the blessed Mother lead the saints in the inner communion of their ancient ties to the unascended masters of the Himalayas and their interaction with the ascended masters.[1]

On January 1, 1981, Jophiel and Christine spoke of what this center had acheived:

Blessed hearts, there has been a great staying action by the focus of light in New Delhi. Vortices of energy penetrating Asia have made all the difference in the balance of power East and West. With the raising up of teaching centers in the cities of the earth, there is hope to the entire Great White Brotherhood for miracles upon miracles to occur upon earth.[2]

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