Ashram of the World Mother (Los Angeles)

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The Ashram of the World Mother, Los Angeles

In 1976, Elizabeth Clare Prophet established the Ashram of the World Mother in downtown Los Angeles.

A focus of the Holy Grail

In 1977, Archangel Gabriel placed a focus of the Holy Grail over the Ashram:

O crystal cup, grail chalice sparkling in the sun, my angels do suspend thee at the Ashram, Home of Light, that all souls, kindreds, races, and peoples might drink the essence of the law, the teaching of the age, and know that Mother comes again to nourish seeking souls and the victory of the hour Love extols.[1]

Purpose of the Ashram

On June 21, 1977, Saint Germain spoke of the dispensation of the Ashram.

I am here to release the light of a dispensation of hierarchy in the Ashram of the World Mother, here where Gabriel has placed the focus of the Holy Grail as the cup from which all may come to drink, here where I have called already souls from the world who could make known my name and thereby the open door of freedom through the I AM THAT I AM to all the world. Here I will draw in this century, before the curtain is drawn upon this dispensation, thousands of souls who are the called, who are the elect, who can indeed right every wrong by God’s grace and bring America into the new song of freedom and the resurrection.

This is the home of the Mother and of all of her sons and daughters. Therefore you are welcome. And we, the ascended masters, also sons and daughters of the Mother, are welcome.[2]

An extension of the Temple of Illumination

On December 28, 1977, the God and Goddess Meru announced a dispensation whereby the Ashram would be an extension of their retreat at Lake Titicaca.

Now we come to add the second ring to the causal body begun by the Archangel Gabriel in the placing of the Holy Grail above the Ashram of the World Mother. We increase that light as we add to it a sphere of intense golden light that shall be as the sun shining. And therefore coming forth from the purity of the World Mother will be an emanation of the teaching. And we do declare, then, this evening that we make the Ashram of the World Mother an extension of our retreat at Lake Titicaca that there might be anchored in the city of Los Angeles in the physical plane that consciousness of the feminine ray and that consciousness of illumined action indispensable for Project Contact.

Blessed ones, will you understand that the dispensation for the anchoring of the energies of a retreat of the Great White Brotherhood upon earth must come forth from Helios and Vesta, be approved by the Cosmic Council and by the Karmic Board. Therefore understand that much testimony must be given by Ascended Masters and unascended chelas in order for the final word to be given.

You may compare this exercise to the process of the canonization of the saint where there must be a review of records, of many factors, including that of the geographical area, those who serve within the retreat, the Messengers themselves, and the long-range plan of hierarchy for the city of Los Angeles. I encourage souls of Light, then, to realize that to come now to that property is equal to coming to our retreat in the etheric plane.

I urge you, then, to come to make your novena in the Will of God focus, which it is our earnest desire shall be completed in the very near future. For that Will of God focus will anchor the diamond-shining Mind of the will of God that is in beloved El Morya’s retreat. And the combination of the will of God and the illumination flame will be amplified by the love in the heart of the Mother and all of the chelas who come to offer their devotions in that focus.

There is a great alchemy that must take place through the spiritual center of Los Angeles and through the threefold flame fountain of Light. There is an alchemy that must be forthcoming through souls of light who have been drawn here....

We are gratified, then, that so many chelas are a part of this endeavor who can keep the flame so that this city need not descend into greater darkness but only be catapulted into light by the God-determination of souls who receive our illumination and our light and who can understand the juxtaposition of Light and Darkness in these latter days.

Beloved ones, the release of light and the anchoring of that forcefield means more than you will understand at your present level to America and to the safety of the West Coast. It means protection for the organization and the Keepers of the Flame in the absence of the Messenger at the turning of the year. There is much adjustment that must be made in planetary cycles when the Messenger and a nucleus of lightbearers change positions and move over the curvature of the earth, so that this hemisphere, then, must be sustained by a greater forcefield of light in the physical plane.

Let Keepers of the Flame in this city and county and in nearby areas realize that to come to Los Angeles means automatically to pay that token visit to the Ashram and to come and offer your decrees, even if it is but for fifteen minutes or thirty minutes, to put yourself in the flame and to multiply that flame by your own threefold flame. This is your gift upon the altar of our retreat.

Beloved ones, the mandala of The Summit Lighthouse is intimately and intricately woven with Lake Titicaca. Many of you have passed through our halls of learning in preparation for this incarnation. And the illumination which you have borne and which you have sought as a torch in the night has been given to you by the inspiration of our servants, our lifestreams, and of the Goddess of Liberty who also sponsors the expansion of liberty as the principle of the feminine ray and who also sponsors the seventh root race from her office on the Karmic Board.[3]

Sale of the property

The property was sold in 1983 and the funds were used to purchase the North Ranch of the Inner Retreat.

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 6, 1983.

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