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Moses and the Brazen Serpent, Sébastien Bourdon (between 1653 and 1654)
The caduceus, symbol of the medical profession

The coiled serpent is the esoteric symbol of the causal body, and the eye of the serpent in the center represents the All-Seeing Eye of God. The coils formed by the body of the serpent represent the revolutions of the cycles of reality around the center of vision in Christ. The power of the vision is multiplied by the number of times that the serpentine force is wound around the center of the Self.

The symbol of the serpent is also used to illustrate the caduceus, the intertwining of the energies of Father and Mother around the center of being, the Christ. Moses held up the brazen serpent in the wilderness so that by the science of real eye magic (the vision of the third eye) the flux of the sacred energies of the people would be accelerated. This acceleration was for the raising up of the serpentine force (Kundalini) culminating in the crown (the wisdom that is the healing of the karma of ignorance) and in the third eye (the vision that is the healing of the karma of unlawful desire).

The caduceus fashioned by Moses is the symbol of the medical profession today.

For information about the fallen angel known as Serpent, see Serpent (fallen angel).

Moses’ use of the caduceus

Sanat Kumara explains the esoteric significance of the caduceus:

When I sent fiery serpents among the people of Israel who spake out against both God and Moses, these were the precipitation of their own spirit of rebellion and disobedience—the very same spirit of the seed of Serpent which they had allowed to enter their minds.

By a mere inversion of the coil of energy which had proceeded out of their mouths in impurity and impiety, their miscreations returned to them the poisonous venom with which they would have, if they could, killed Moses. And many of them experienced death by the return of their own energy, reversed by my right hand upraised against them. Such is the mantle of the Great White Brotherhood—an ever-present protection upon those who exercise their spiritual offices with all diligence, humility, and love.

When the people therefore called upon the law of forgiveness for their sins, I bade Moses form a fiery serpent and set it upon a pole; and any that were bitten by the poisonous snakes, which returned to them the poison of their own consciousness, were restored to life as they beheld (meditated upon) this brazen serpent.

It was the symbol of the life-force and the representation of their own Mother light rising for the healing of mind and soul and body. The snake entwined about the wand of Mercury has remained the symbol of the victory of life over death. It is the symbol of healing Truth and the wholeness of Alpha and Omega that is realized through meditation in and upon the All-Seeing Eye of God. And all who look upon that Eye make contact with God’s vision of the perfection of their being and consciousness.[1]

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