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Serapis Bey periodically reviews the records of chelas of many of the ascended masters serving earth’s evolutions. When any of the students have manifested a certain alchemy of attainment, Serapis apprises the Keeper of the Scrolls and other ascended masters at Luxor that these individuals may receive the mark as candidates for the ascension. This marking is a white fleur-de-lis, an insignia that is a focus of the white fire of the ascension flame.

This insignia is recognized by all of the ascended hosts, angels and elementals, and the one who has earned this insignia receives an extraordinary assistance from the members of the Great White Brotherhood. All who are in the octaves of Spirit go out of their way to watch and to pray for those who are making their way on the path of the ascension. There are candidates for the ascension in many of the nations of earth, and most are connected either with the disciplines of the way of Christ or the disciplines of the way of the Buddha—two paths above all others that provide an outline for right living and walking with God.

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