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The ascended masters teach that the seven sacraments correspond to the seven rays:

  • Baptism: the first ray (blue, throat chakra)
  • Holy Communion: the second ray (yellow, crown chakra)
  • Confirmation: the third ray (pink, heart chakra)
  • Penance: the fourth ray (white, base-of-the-spine chakra)
  • Anointing of the sick, or extreme unction: the fifth ray (green, third-eye chakra)
  • Matrimony: the sixth ray (purple and gold, solar-plexus chakra)
  • Holy orders: the seventh ray (violet, seat-of-the-soul chakra)

Sacraments in the life of the child

The first sacrament, which comes to us by the action of the first ray, is the sacrament of Baptism. Baptism is the origin of the sacred mission, the sacred event of the consecration of the soul to the will of God. It is the moment when the soul is infused with the mantra that was spoken by Jesus when he descended into his form in Bethlehem: “Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God!”

Some have the idea that the little child in arms cannot be baptized because he cannot give full acknowledgment to that mantra. But it is a mantra of the soul.... It is the commitment of will upon incarnation, as the soul is sent forth from God to earth. And when the soul has arrived, that child’s presentation in the temple and coming forth for Baptism is sponsored by the parents who stand with the soul at inner levels in the commitment “to do thy will, O God.”

The second sacred event in the life of the one who is seeking to put on the wedding garment is the sacrament of First Holy Communion. Communion means “coming into union” with the Christ Mind through the activation of the crown chakra. This sacrament takes place at about the age of seven. It is the first receiving of the bread and wine. It is the initiation of the ritual of the drawing in of the increments of the threefold flame of Jesus. It is putting on the body and the blood of Christ.

We know that at age seven there is an influx of light from the I AM Presence, an increase in the threefold flame on the altar of the heart. And so Holy Communion, that sacred event which we celebrate over and over and over again, is always the moment when Christ adds his flame to our own as the flame of wisdom, as the flame of the Mind of God, to increase our own Christ consciousness.

The third sacrament, Confirmation, comes at about age twelve and it is for the individual confirmation of the declaration of the Law and the teachings. It is parallel to Jesus’ going into the temple and disputing with the doctors, teaching them, giving them the Law. It is the soul coming into its own and beginning to be able to give forth the teachings.

Confirmation is the flame of love because it requires the selfless giving of self. It is the action of the Holy Spirit that comes at the age of twelve when the first cycles of returning karma will be felt by the child, when the child will have to come to grips with his own past sowings. And the best way that the child can deal with these is through the knowledge of the Law, through the wisdom of the Law.

So from the faith of Baptism and the hope of First Holy Communion, the child comes into the charity of givingness in Confirmation that enables him to flow with God. And therefore the child will not be retrogressed by the coming of his own karma.

We see that the threefold action of these first three sacraments is intended to help prepare the soul for the difficult teenage years and the first cycles of returning karma at about age twelve.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, December 5, 1976.

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