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The seven cities that represent the major chakras of the United States
Chakra Key city Notes
Crown Boston Boston is a seat of the learning, with many universities, including Harvard and MIT.
Third eye New York City
Throat Washington, D.C. The power center and national capital
Heart Chicago
Solar plexus Detroit A lot of Americans’ desires center around their cars, and the automobile industry is centered in Detroit.
Seat of the soul Los Angeles Los Angeles is a city of freedom, and it is far less conservative than other cities. The real identity of a nation is fashioned and formed there. Our motion picture industry has made use of these solar energies to project the image of the American way of life, and as our movies go, so it seems that our mores and our standards go. What goes on in Los Angeles really shapes the personality of the people of America.
Base of the spine Miami

Every city in America is a chakra—some kind of an energy field for the release of energy to the rest of the nation. All of them are important, but just as our bodies do not function well unless the main organs are healthy, the main chakras are key to the nation.

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