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Principle cities in the bands of latitude corresponding to the chakras of India

Generally speaking, if you are looking for the chakras of any nation, you look at the lines of latitude. Rather than specific cities being the chakras, you look for bands of latitude. A whole band and all the cities in it will be on the wavelength of a particular chakra.

Here are the key cities in bands of latitude that represent the chakras of India:

Chakra Key city Other cities / notes
Crown Srinagar, Kashmir The location of Kuthumi’s retreat
Third eye Rishikesh
Throat New Delhi The power center of India and the seat of government
Heart Calcutta Darjeeling. The broadest part of India.
Solar plexus Mumbai (Bombay) Bhubaneswar. Mumbai is the center of the movie industry in India.
Seat of the soul Hyderabad
Base of the spine Madras Headquarters of the Theosophical Society. El Morya and Kuthumi founded the society in a center that would establish the teachings of the Mother flame. Sri Aurobindo’s ashram is also near Madras.

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 24, 1980.