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On the continent of South America, the chakras are bands of latitude. The base of the spine is in the south and the crown chakra is in the northern portion of the continent.

The map of the chakras on this page is based on a description given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in a lecture at Iguaçu Falls on December 13, 1973. The position of the more northerly lines is approximate, since she does not give exact locations for them in her lecture. Here are some her comments about these chakras:

The base of the spine takes in the Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn, and it goes right through Isla Wellington.... You all know of the turbulence and the great waves that are around that point that were experienced by the discoverers of this continent. Those are the energies that in a vortex around the focus of the Divine Mother for this entire South America....

[The throat chakra includes] the middle portion of Brazil, the Mato Grosso, which is barren and has a very sparse population. However the capital of Brazil has been moved from the heart to the throat chakra, which is good. Brasilia is right in the center of this latitude and that is what it needs—the authority of the blue ray of the will of God. You also have the capitals of Bolivia, at La Paz, and Peru, at Lima, as well as the city of Cuzco, where the energies of the mighty Master Cuzco are focused.

The retreat of the God and Goddess Meru at Lake Titicaca is also in the throat chakra. This means that the feminine ray to the planet, which is anchored at Lake Titicaca, is anchored there as the momentum of the blue ray gives impetus to the release of the yellow plume....

The Andes Mountains form a spine all the way down the left side of the continent like unto the spine of man and the central nervous system into which all of the chakras are anchored in our own physical bodies.

These chakras are in full manifestation in the high etheric planes of the planet. As we come down in the lower etheric, the mental, the astral and the physical, almost all that we encounter is this substance of the misuse of the energies of the chakras.

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Based on a lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet delivered December 13, 1973.