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The Heart of the Inner Retreat

On June 27, 1987, during FREEDOM 1987 in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, Archangel Chamuel and Charity announced that “a tangible chalice is being formed, tended by Paul the Venetian, by Nada, by angels of Love.... When the chalice shall rise to meet and greet the Elohimic level, then shall Elohim pour into this chalice that which ye seek, beloved. Truly, and truly I say, it is the purging, purging of all impurity: Light, then, solidifying and codifying the Word within you.”[1]

On July 4, Saint Germain said:

We are determined that your understanding shall prevail, shall be sustained, and that you shall raise up this crystal chalice of Light and that the Elohim may come through you. Beloved ones, it is the singular hope that we cherish in our hearts!

Do you understand, beloved, that it is important that you receive Elohim dictations that may be played continuously, that you sing to the Elohim, that you love Elohim. For Elohim is God, God manifesting in the seven rays, personified according to the great beings of Light to whom you call. Understand that it is God who comes to earth through the seven thunders who have been called the seven stars of the morning.[2]

Beloved Alpha explained on July 5, 1987, that the building of the chalice “must give to us entrée to earth twenty-four hours a day by the Spirit of Elohim. And by that Spirit of Elohim, the Cosmic Spirit of Freedom shall also descend.”[3]

Calling for an intense decree vigil to the resurrection flame by Keepers of the Flame for the completion of the chalice, the messenger explained that this chalice, “as a ‘funnel’ of crystal light,” would be “the perpetual open door for Elohim to work through all true lightbearers of the world. This is the key to the real victory of the golden age under Sanat Kumara.”

On July 13, Apollo and Lumina explained that the building of the chalice had been accomplished to the two-thirds level:

Elohim of God from the Great Central Sun, we are come, Apollo and Lumina. For our canopy of golden illumination’s flame waits as a cap for the raising of the chalice.

But this cap, beloved, as a dome of golden light, does descend in this hour, magnetized by the love of your hearts in this day of a Divine Union on earth as in heaven, on this day when the Cosmic Christ of Jesus has delivered to you an understanding of the hindrances of the fallen ones for two thousand years.

Therefore, know, beloved, that as this chalice does rise and has risen that two-thirds of the way to our octave, we await the completion by the breakthrough of resurrection’s flame. For at this two-thirds mark, beloved, is the point of self-transcendence through the Law of the One in the Great Pyramid....

The mighty sealing action level upon level shall be fulfilled if you attend the call of the resurrection flame with diligence until you hear next by the word of Elohim that the crystal chalice has met the golden dome canopy over the Heart of the Western Shamballa.[4]

On August 17, 1987, the Divine Mother Kali announced “the fulfillment of the chalice in the Heart of the Inner Retreat to the Elohimic level.”[5]

Seven landmark dictations delivered by the seven mighty Elohim, which concluded with that of Arcturus July 1, 1984, laid the foundation for this chalice.

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The series of dictations by the seven Elohim from 1984 is available in audio and on DVD in the album The Chalice of Elohim.


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