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Archangel Raphael spoke of the issue of climate change in a dictation on January 18, 1981:

The pollution of the air, those conditions that interfere with the atmosphere causing changes in climate and changes in the amount of sun and the energy of the sun coming upon the land and the bodies of the people...

There is such an interference with the evolution of Life upon earth that it has become a danger, such a danger that I have instituted in my own retreat a chamber where there is a bell that rings, such as bells which ring in your public buildings, signifying danger. And it is a reminder to my angels that we have reached the level of intense danger for the survival of the sons of God and the children of the light on earth—we have reached an hour of danger as to whether or not this platform of evolution will itself survive the hours and cycles required for the little children of the light who are just awakening to their inner potential and their divine inheritance.[1]

Solar energy

The ascended masters have spoken of solar energy as the intended replacement for the use of fossil fuels.

Sanat Kumara:

The marching of the gnomes is the marching of battalions keeping order, keeping electrons in orbit, watching the growth of the crystal in the rock, the rock in the crystal and the vein of gold supplying the fuel and the energy in the heart of the earth until all mankind shall know the flow of solar life, solar energy meeting every need.

The gnomes in their liberation will create out of planets and systems of worlds diverse manifestations as energy source and forcefield, not for the burning, not for the consuming of fuel but for the anchoring of the light of the sun. Then you will know how to use the crystals for the magnetization of flame. Then you will know how to dial a crystal for the uses of fire and earth and water and air and precious elements of secret rays and white-fire core, which have not been released upon this planetary home.[2]


The cosmos has offered gifts unending to mankind, limitless energy from the sun to solve all energy crises.... It is enlightened self-interest that mankind should be obedient to the laws of Nature. Then that Nature will serve mankind and [you will see] a return to a golden age that is recorded in the soul as a record for which all mankind yearn, and your hope for truth, and your determination to find reality, and your determination to conquer Matter, time and space, through science—these are legitimate goals. You have every right to conquer as long as you live and let live, as long as you do not impose your hatreds and your fears, your prides, and your prejudices in other systems of worlds.[3]

Jesus points out that the technologies needed for the full use of solar energy have not yet been released on earth.

I am literally bursting with anticipation to impart to the alchemists of the Spirit those formulas that are for the tapping of the universal source of solar energy and of balancing factors whereby mankind might balance the four lower bodies of the individual and the planet, of the nations and of the flow of energy—and whereby the earth might be prepared to receive more souls, higher souls.[4]


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