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Co-measurement is the ability to differentiate the small from the big, the insignificant from the great. In particular, measuring the flame of the self against the flame of the Infinite. It is certain that a sense of the vastness of Cosmos and of the co-measurement of the larger domain with the comparatively small and self-limiting part will do much to expand the periphery of man’s consciousness. By correlating himself with the Infinite, man becomes aware of larger and larger aspects of the Deity both within himself and within the universe.

El Morya speaks of the importance of co-measurement:

In order for mankind to break the cycles of a dead and dying world, in order for mankind to refrain from identifying with the spirals of disintegration and to ride instead the spirals of integration that lead to the source of life, they must be given a new perspective of life. This comes through the conceptualization of co-measurement whereby the measure of a man is measured against the measure of a cosmos.[1]

Gautama Buddha has said:

Therefore I give you, in this talk that we are having, a sense of co-measurement—co-measurement, beloved, measuring your Self in its highest manifestation of Christhood against the measurement of the man, the woman, the child that you are today. What is the co-measurement of that being that you shall become but of that being that you are not anywhere near becoming in many cases? That is the co-measurement you must look at—not that you are doing a great job, but what is the job that you must do and how much have you accomplished and how will you attain to the fullness of the stature of your Christhood.[2]


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