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Comet Kohoutek, January 11, 1974
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Comet Kohoutek

Comet Kohoutek, billed as the “comet of the century,” was first discovered on March 7, 1973, by astronomer Lubos Kohoutek at Hamburg Observatory in West Germany. Toward the end of November, the comet’s bright head grew faintly visible to the naked eye; its tails, which extended over thirty million miles, could be seen by mid-December in the Northern Hemisphere.

On the date of perihelion (the point of its orbit nearest our sun), December 28, 1973, the comet was no longer visible from earth’s surface but appeared as a brilliant mass superimposed on the solar corona in a photograph taken by satellite.

Comet Kohoutek’s next appearance is expected in an estimated 75,000 years.


On June 30th, 1973 the Elohim Purity, speaking of the comet Kohoutek, said:

And so I am come, and so I have made to you the announcement of this century for the Elohim of the Fourth Ray—the release of purity this day. It is an awesome and ... auspicious event in the halls of the Great Central Sun, and mighty Messengers of Light go forth bearing purity. And the mighty comet that shall appear in the heavens ere six months shall pass is a manifestation of the Messengers of cosmic purity which come forth periodically from the Heart of Alpha and Omega as emissaries of Light to greet those twin flames who hold the focus of Light on behalf of evolutions.[1]

On October 14th, 1973, Lord Maitreya also referred to Kohoutek:

And therefore, opportunity is given for you to elect to present yourselves a living sacrifice unto the LORD God Almighty. And to you I make known this hour that the comet of the century comes to foretell the birth of many Christed ones, many souls who are to descend within the coming twelvemonth.

And thus, because preparations must be made, we shall not tarry in our announcement of this dispensation. For those who would apply and receive the seal of our approval and our blessing must do so speedily, that time and space might provide the cradle and the crucible for incoming souls.

Let your life, your very being, your very consciousness provide the nexus for the descent of Lightbearers. The nexus is the place in the hourglass where the sand falls, grain by grain. The Christ is the nexus of man’s being. As the Mediator, the Christed One stands between God and man. Your own Christed being, therefore, is the Mediator whereby you may receive into your being and consciousness souls of Light hallowed, waiting to come forth.[2]

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