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In 1982, The Summit Lighthouse bought two cattle ranches, twelve and fourteen miles north of the Royal Teton Ranch, totaling 4,000 acres. They were renamed Glastonbury North and South, after Glastonbury, the spot in southwest England where a thriving merchant community surrounded one of the earliest Christian abbeys—the legendary resting place of the Holy Grail. Glastonbury, with its rolling hills, forested slopes, and magnificent view of the Absaroka mountain range, provides an opportunity for a life-style for anyone—a free enterprise business down near highway 89, or a mountain retreat not far from Yellowstone National Park (over 2 million acres) and two other national wilderness areas.

In a dictation on August 29, 1982, Saint Germain spoke of his and El Morya’s sponsorship of the Community of Glastonbury:

We accept the messenger's call, as she has asked El Morya to preside on the side of the north as the one who represents Alpha—the Father, the Guru, the will of God—while I on the south, representing the seventh ray and Omega, therefore will represent the flame of the building, of the science, of the invention.... And thus, we have made only one condition to our sponsorship, and that is that, first and foremost, each site shall be dedicated to the Blessed Mother, Mary—to her love, to her cathedral of Glastonbury, to her shrine, and to her keeping the vigil for these little ones. Thus, together we dedicate to the purpose of the Holy Family and the community these places set aside and dedicated.[1]

Lord Maitreya has said of Glastonbury:

I call for spiral rings of devotees around the central sun of my delivery. I call for the perception and the recognition of the import of this land and of the Community of Glastonbury and the absolute necessity for the physical Place Prepared [to be established in order for my Mystery School and the Teachings of the Cosmic Christ to be bequeathed to the lightbearers of the world in perpetuity]. Having gained the land, you must now keep it. Keep it, I say! Defend it. Conquer it. Subdue it. Master it. And let it by your hand fructify, multiply, and produce the harvest of nourishment for the devotees of Maitreya.[2]

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