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Cosmic Christs from other systems of worlds were called forth by Keepers of the Flame in a petition to the Lords of Karma in 1960. Their petition was granted through Helios, who announced in his May 27, 1960, Pearl of Wisdom:

All sincere students and chelas of the ascended masters who apply their hearts to their own God Presence I AM, asking that they be made a divine channel through which the power and presence of one or more of the Universal Christs located on other systems of worlds shall flow during hours of sleep, or even consciously as the Great Law directs, shall promptly and without delay be vested with our power in accordance with the cosmic law in order to enable these Christs to anchor their radiation and presence in the physical, thinking, feeling and memory worlds of such volunteers so as to provide a means whereby a Cosmic Christ can be assigned to each laggard on this planet (they are legion) individually in order to help control the spread of discord and transmute their thoughts and feelings to love for the light![1]

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Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31, no. 66.

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