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Unadorned Christian cross

Symbol of the meeting of two planes of consciousness. The horizontal bar represents the plane of individual identity; the vertical bar symbolizes the descending and ascending energies of God. These two worlds (the Macrocosm and the microcosm) meet at the center point, the point where God and man merge. To balance the cross of life requires sustained effort and a meeting of daily challenges.

Saint Germain explains that “the cross is a very old symbol. And while it is unfortunate that crucifixion became the mode of execution for slaves and the worst criminals in the Roman Empire (Roman citizens exempted), it was no accident that Jesus was crucified. For the powerful symbol of the cross had long been defined as the meeting place of God and man. Here, where Alpha and Omega give birth to the Christ, Jesus must prove that the Christ, the I AM, is alive forevermore. (The vertical bar of the cross symbolizes the plane of Alpha, or Spirit; and the horizontal bar symbolizes the plane of Omega, or Matter. At the nexus where the two planes meet, the Christ consciousness is born when the ego dies.)”

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