Curse of Atahualpa

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18th or 19th century engraving showing the capture of Atahualpa
The seizure of Atahualpa at Cajamarca, engraving by Pierre Duflos (1742–1816)

With royal permission from Charles V of Spain, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro (c. 1471–1541) set out to conquer and govern Peru in January 1531. On November 16, 1532, he met the army of Incan Emperor Atahualpa at Cajamarca, Peru. When Atahualpa refused to acknowledge the supremacy of the Spanish king and the Christian religion, Pizarro ordered an attack and the emperor was taken prisoner. Atahualpa bargained for his life by promising to fill the large room in which he was held, twice with silver and once with gold.

In spite of Atahualpa fulfilling this promise, the Spaniards charged him with “crimes against the Spanish king” and executed him by strangulation on August 29, 1533. In the last moments before his death, Atahualpa uttered: “Cocaine shall fortify the Indian and destroy the white man.” Although the Indians have chewed the coca leaf for centuries (without apparent side effects) and consider it sacred, they are not known to use the “evil” powdered, processed derivative which the Incan emperor predicted would destroy the white man.

Saint Germain explains that this “curse pronounced against the white man is a curse pronounced against the seed of Christ. It is a curse pronounced as the judgment of the fallen angels, and it is a judgment pronounced against the progenitors of the eternal Christ.

How is this so? Beloved hearts of light, the fallen ones, by taking their revenge against the Inca, against the empire and the head thereof, did bring about their judgment through the Christ light in the people of the Incas, did bring about their judgment by those evolutions who were overtaken by fallen ones.

Thus, a great crime was committed against a people who occupied the continent of South America. That crime had its judgment, and that judgment (the cursing of the ‘white’ man) should be upon the seed of those who perpetrated the deed. But those who perpetrated the deed did so at inner levels—the tools of the false hierarchy who knew full well that the judgment that would be upon them would also come upon the seed of Christ (also embodied as the ‘white’ man), as they had induced that seed of Christ to intermarry with themselves.

I speak of the seed of Belial embodied in the white race itself that has moved against nation upon nation in the process of taking over the world. And I speak, therefore, of the intermingling, among those of the white race, of the seed of Light and Darkness. Thus, beloved hearts, when there is compromise by intermarriage of the seed of Christ with the seed of the wicked—both being of the white race), the seed of Light also suffers.

This curse pronounced is not only a judgment of the law, but also a curse of black magic by the seed of the wicked (transferring their culpability to the seed of Christ). And therefore, that curse is come to pass because it has never been broken, never been checked. And the full force of the Godhead dwelling in any son of God on earth has not, to this moment, challenged it or overturned it. It is to this end that I have come, for there is truly a superstition and a sense of revenge upon all the descendants of the Spanish conquistadores by the descendants of those people who did suffer needlessly under the conquests of the Spanish in South America.

Let it be understood, therefore, that this curse has indeed come upon the middle class and the white man of America and the earth through that very deed. And you can understand that history is tarnished; history is replete with acts and deeds that come full circle and therefore take the lives of the seeming innocent when they are in their very bud and blossom.

Realize, therefore, that the vulnerability of the people who succumb to cocaine in every race is also conditioned by prior neglect, prior agreement, prior consent in some form (great or small) of allegiance to their own carnal mind, allegiance to the dweller on the threshold, and allegiance to those fallen angels.

Realize, then, beloved hearts, when you give your allegiance to your Holy Christ Self and the voice of conscience within you, when you stand with Almighty God—and still stand—and to the best of your knowledge and ability and awareness do not compromise the love of your Christhood, the wisdom and the power of your Christhood, you are protected against the wiles of the devil and of these serpents, these fallen angels in embodiment.

Saint Germain then gave an invocation for the breaking of this curse.


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