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Total solar eclipse, France, 1999

An eclipse is the partial or total obscuration of the Sun or Moon.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon is positioned directly between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon is smaller than the Sun, but because it is closer to us it appears to be about the same size as the sun and therefore blocks the Sun’s light from our view.

An eclipse of the Moon (lunar eclipse) occurs on a Full Moon, when the Earth, passing between the Sun and Moon, casts its shadow on the Moon.

Spiritual significance

El Morya explains that the eclipse of the Sun can be compared to the dark night of the soul, when the soul is cut off from its source, the planet Earth representing a soul in orbit around a Sun, the I AM Presence. So an eclipse would be when the soul must sustain its momentum of God without the direct contact with God, with only that which it has garnered and anchored in the soul consciousness, in the heart, in the chakras. That is the symbolical inner meaning of an eclipse.

An eclipse of the Moon would be the reverse. It would be the God consciousness of the Sun coming into predominance in place of the outer electronic belt pattern, and the Spirit of God setting a focus and a forcefield and a record of the Spirit Presence which would give impetus to the soul when the eclipse was over. It is eclipsing the soul in favor of the Spirit. So an eclipse of the Moon should give us greater light and greater energy, whereas an eclipse of the Sun should be a period of initiation where we must become the Sun for humanity.

Astrological portent

An eclipse can be either “good” or “bad.” It can activate a positive cycle in the life of an individual or a nation. It can eclipse difficulties or troubling circumstances. Or it can signal the onset of serious challenges. It can signal the descent of positive or negative karma. It can also neutralize or signal the eclipse of a long-term cycle of limitation or repression due to karma.

It often happens that an eclipse activates both the positive and the negative potential simultaneously. When dealing with nations, or other large entities whose astrology is based on mass phenomena, the negative portents usually manifest to a greater degree.

The acute effects of the eclipse may be seen within a few days on either side of the eclipse. Its influence may last for six months or longer. During the period of influence, transiting planets will form aspects with the eclipse point. These can activate the most volatile energies of the eclipse.


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