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On the fourth of each month we celebrate El Morya’s Day. This is the 24-hour period, from midnight to midnight, when we give our devotions to El Morya. The master has said:

I am willing to place myself in any city where I am called and where there is a quorum of hearts. This quorum does not go by numbers but by quality of heart, yet there must needs be at least two or three who will come forward.

During this 24-hour vigil, join with local Keepers of the Flame to maximize your calls. Use the El Morya, Lord of the First Ray decree recording as well as Ashram Ritual 3, “Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God’s Holy Will,” and the rosary recording celebrating the Joyful Mysteries on the First Ray. The Maha Chohan requests that we give the Surrender Rosary once a month on El Morya’s Day. Play an El Morya dictation during the vigil.

A witness to El Morya’s intercession

Keepers of the Flame in New York wrote a witness to El Morya’s intercession in their city in 1993:

Violent Death Takes a Holiday in New York City
Compliments of El Morya and His Chelas

It was “unprecedented,” reported New York Newsday in its story “Violent Death Takes a Holiday,” which appeared in the Saturday, February 6 edition. Between 7:00 a.m. Thursday, February 4, and 7:00 a.m. Friday, February 5, 1993, no major crimes were reported to the New York City police. The city had a 24-hour vacation from murder, violence and chaos.

Newsday staff writer Wendell Jamieson wrote:

Mayhem took a 24-hour vacation this week.

In an unprecedented lull in murder, violence and chaos, no major crimes were reported to police between 7 a.m. Thursday and 7 a.m. yesterday.

In a city with five or six homicides daily, the fact that all 7.3 million New Yorkers apparently survived a day and night unscathed raised the eyebrows of at least one veteran cop.

“For a 24-hour period, that’s highly unusual,” said Det. Joseph McConville, a spokesman who tallies the city’s toll of death and destruction for the media. “I don’t know why everybody was good. I can’t remember seeing this in 25 years.”

Every morning, the operations unit of the city Police Department publishes a principal case sheet listing all the major crimes of the past 24 hours. The listing—which often runs two pages—provides the basic details of homicides, serious shootings, life-threatening stabbings, bank robberies, fatal fires, suspensions of Police Department employees and other wrongdoing.

Yesterday’s sheet, number 35 for 1993, said only: “NO INCIDENTS TO REPORT.”

That left police representatives in the department’s public information office with little to do. The exact time the quiet spell was broken will be known when the next principal case sheet is released today.

McConville had only one possible reason for the day-long lack of crime, theorizing: “Maybe everybody found religion.”

For the Keeper of the Flame who first heard these crime statistics: Saturday night on the channel 11 news, the reason was no mystery. She knew who had been New York’s most illustrious visitor on February 4—our beloved El Morya, who had kept his promise to follow on the heels of Omri-Tas.

In his December 13, 1992, dictation, El Morya had announced to the Keepers of the Flame:

I wish to ... speak to you, then, of my desire to save the cities. You heard my dictation from New York [October 4, 1992] in which I stated that I would place my Electronic Presence there, everywhere in that entire city, for thirty-three days that the Keepers of the Flame in the metropolitan area might give their perpetual calls to me and we might see if I might be able to remain in that city.

Well, beloved ones, these Keepers of the Flame in the greater metropolitan area did come together and they performed a mighty service. And during this period, they did also establish their own focus for their Teaching Center that the Messenger might enter the city again. Yes, they performed an excellent decree service, but their numbers are not enough. They are not enough to in fact hold me there for every day of the year.

Thus, I made my commitment to them, and I make it this day, that I will be in New York the fourth of every month, following on the heels of beloved Omri-Tas. Thus, we will see what I can work for that city with the Keepers of the Flame in the area. [I am counting on them, one and all, to keep a glorious vigil on each fourth. Won’t you join them and me?]

I also made known to you at that time, beloved ones, that I would [place my Presence in any city] if a group of chelas would dedicate themselves to me and give my [blue-ray] decrees [as recorded] on the four “El Morya tapes” and sing my songs as a rosary to me....

Therefore remember, wherever you are, wherever is your town or hamlet, wherever is your group of Keepers of the Flame, if you will petition me, if you will ask me to place my Electronic Presence with you, I will be there and I will remain and I will stay according to your numbers and according to the Light you invoke....

I can place my Electronic Presence in every town. And when I do so, I place that Electronic Presence over and over and over again so that you may see literally ten thousand or ten million Moryas standing in the territory, the city limits, and holding the flame [of the will of God for that town and the Lightbearers in it].[1]

In answer to this tremendous dispensation, we the students of El Morya in the New York City Community Teaching Center rallied to celebrate the Master’s coming. Besides dedicating the third of each month to Omri-Tas’ Violet Flame Day, we now also dedicate the fourth of each month to a vigil of prayers, decrees, songs and rosaries to our beloved El Morya.

The alchemy for the February 4 miracle really began at 12:00 a.m. Wednesday, February 3, when Keepers of the Flame began arriving in shifts to keep the Omri-Tas vigil at our new center. The violet flame decrees and songs continued unceasing throughout the next 24 hours.

At 12:00 a.m. on the fourth, the El Morya vigil began. The several Keepers who were present decreed and sang with the four El Morya tapes and the Hail to the Chief! song cassette. They offered specific invocations for the clearing of the city and also gave Archangel Michael’s Rosary. By 6:00 a.m. reinforcements arrived. Some who could not come to the center decreed in their homes.

During the day, local Keepers continued to arrive and join in the devotions to the will of God. Considerable numbers came in the evening for a special service from 7:00 p.m. to midnight—this in spite of the fact that many had to travel long distances on subways notorious for their danger. This finale of fiery decrees was our closing statement to El Morya of our trust in his power to save the city and rescue the Lightbearers.

We the Keepers of the Flame of New York are so very grateful in our hearts for the tangible expression of his presence: February 4, 1993, is a day we will always remember. Not only did we feel El Morya’s presence in the city, but many of us felt his direct intercession in our personal lives.

With beloved El Morya, we wish to encourage Keepers throughout the world to band together for the saving of the cities. As our beloved Master said in his December 13 dictation:

[If there are not enough numbers in your town to keep me there full-time,] I may be able to come to you one day a month. I will report back to you if you will write to the Messenger and keep her posted as to what [decrees] you are doing, what is happening in your city [with outreach] and who is decreeing.

Take me up on this, beloved ones. For I know that the cities must be saved if the nations are to be saved, for what are the nations without cities?

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