Elohim of the five secret rays

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While there are seven pairs of Elohim in outer manifestation, there are five in inner manifestation within the Great Central Sun. These five manifest the five secret rays.

While they have not released their names, their power and authority can be invoked by addressing “the Elohim of the five secret rays.” Their momentum can be used to develop the bands of the secret rays in the causal body of man and to magnetize the flaming potential of the white-fire core of each atom of being.

These five will come forth when mankind have demonstrated a greater degree of mastery over the energies now available for their spiritual evolution through the seven “active” rays.

The Elohim who came forth from the heart of God in response to the Great Command are comparable to the electrons that go forth from the nucleus of the atom. Just as without the electrons that create an energy whirl of time and space there would be no Matter, so without the Elohim there would be no world of form. The five Elohim serving on the secret rays correspond to the neutrons that remain in the heart of the atom.

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