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(1) An inner blueprint, the inner formula unique to your own God Presence in the very heart of the Permanent Atom of Self that is for the precipitation in the physical plane of the inner Self; the sign of the descent of the inner light into outer manifestation. The ascended masters deliver the initiation of the Emerald Matrix through a transfer of light. Saint Germain directed the messenger to use a Chatham emerald for the sealing of the servants of God in their foreheads in her stumps across the nations.

(2) The emerald crystal used for this transfer of light. Although a laboratory-grown crystal, it has the molecular structure of a real emerald. This crystal is two inches by three inches; it took nine months to grow. It is called an Emerald Matrix because it is a molecular pattern in crystal that Saint Germain can use to transfer the ray of light for the sealing of the servants of God.

Following the messenger’s delivery of Saint Germain’s stump message in cities around the world, those attending passed before the altar to receive Saint Germain’s transfer of light to the third-eye chakra by the Emerald Matrix as she touched their brow with this laboratory-grown emerald crystal. This is the “sealing of the servants of God in their foreheads” prophesied in Revelation 7:1–8.


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