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(s.) A definition of evil (energy-veil); the veil of misqualified energy that man imposes upon Matter through his misuse of the sacred fire; maya, illusion.

Energy veils (pl.) Used to denote the gradations of light frequencies for Matter to Spirit—each succeeding veil being a thinning of the density, hence a higher frequency of atomic activity than the previous one.

Not one, but many veils of light interpenetrate cosmos, establishing the planes of God’s consciousness. Some speak of going “beyond the veil,” referring to that specific veil beyond which man in his earthly state no longer perceives form and consciousness.

The spiritual progression of worlds beyond our own is seen as a gradual dematerialization of energy veils from Matter to Spirit—from what is termed the outer, the physical, or tangible, to what is termed the inner, the spiritual, or intangible. These worlds are created through the magnetization of Spirit-form and Matter-form around nuclei suns, each sun a flaming idea projected from the Mind of God, each sun sustaining a hub of activity that complements the central theme of Life.

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