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An engram is a geometric formula of the Word that manifests as a forcefield of light.

The use of engrams by the ascended masters

Some years ago, Gautama Buddha gave us a thoughtform that included a type of etheric pattern that he called an engram. An engram in this sense is a formula of light and geometry. Gautama said that this engram resembles a Chinese character and it represents an individual’s personal formula for the victory of love. Lord Gautama said, “It is a yantra.[1] It is a mantra. It is a focus of light.”[2]

The Elohim Apollo and Lumina have told us that spiritual engrams are crucial for the work of the Elohim and the bodhisattvas in anchoring the light of God in the earth. These lines of force penetrate as grids, energy keys that the human consciousness cannot conceive of nor understand. They are like configurations, ancient writings, tablets from the etheric plane, and inscriptions in Matter.

They are coded to compel the piercing light of illumination to descend deeper and deeper into areas that normally could not receive the light of the mighty Elohim. And Apollo and Lumina will nourish those thoughtforms and will transfer illumination into the earth and the astral plane through coils of light. This is key to the saving of souls and the planet.

The Maha Chohan has also explained how we can use engrams to increase our spiritual energy. In 1973, he said:

Each moment and each hour, you are impressing upon the energy of the Holy Spirit identity patterns and thoughtforms. It takes less effort to create beauty than to create ugliness, to create truth than to create the lie, to create immortality than to create death.

Therefore, if you will consciously establish patterns of perfection and send them forth into the wind, into the water, into the fire, into the earth, you will find that each kernel of light that is a perfect engram will return to you with the energies of cosmos magnified for your use.[3]

Etheric patterns and engrams hold some of the secrets to fulfilling your spiritual destiny and the destiny of each member of your family. Your family can then amplify the blessings of love and grace and, like ripples on the water, affect and uplift every soul in the family of God. This is truly bringing heaven to earth.


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