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The Angel with the Everlasting Gospel, from the Getty Apocalypse (c. 1255–1260)

The Maha Chohan has said: “The Everlasting Gospel is the composite of all of the teaching of the Great White Brotherhood delivered by the witnesses in many forms and in the lesser gospels.”[1]

Prophecy on the Book of Revelation

The Bible prophesies the coming of the Everlasting Gospel in the Book of Revelation. There flies in the midst of heaven an angel that has the Everlasting Gospel to preach to the men of earth.[2] This event is thought to precede the Second Coming.

The Everlasting Gospel and the Second Coming

We understand that this Everlasting Gospel is here now. It is a thoughtform and a matrix of the mind of God like a swaddling garment, like a sphere of yellow fire that surrounds the earth. It imparts to all people the sense of the universality of religion, the oneness of all religion and the universality of the Christ. People are very much aware that this Christ who was in Jesus is a Universal Presence who is also with them—that Presence prophesied in Jeremiah as the coming of The Lord Our Righteousness.[3]

We believe that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ has taken place, that he has descended in clouds of glory, that this ascended master has descended to earth, has delivered his message of the Everlasting Gospel, is continuing to do so. And the prophecy that every eye shall see him applies to every eye that is in that vibration and wavelength where he is caught up by the Spirit of his resurrection to the plane of perception. This does not occur simultaneously. It occurs not according to time and space, but according to the individual soul’s capacity to receive him.

This Everlasting Gospel is given one by one to the disciples of the Ascended Master Jesus the Christ who first receive him in his Second Coming in heart and mind and soul and body as Paul did. The Everlasting Gospel is the direct and living Word which Christ declared would not pass away—though heaven and earth should pass away.[4] This Word is what his spiritual apostolic succession was intended to deliver to the little children in Christ—by his Body and his Blood nurtured in them. In Divine Reality Jesus anointed spiritual shepherds who were to feed his sheep every day until they should put on Christ’s consciousness to become fully heirs of individual Sonship.

Climb the Highest Mountain

The Climb the Highest Mountain series has been spoken of as key element of the Everlasting Gospel. The messengers wrote in their prologue to the first volume:

In your hands is a key—a key that will unlock many doors. No work has ever contained the practical and scientific explanations on the workings of your self and your universe that are to be presented in the volumes of The Everlasting Gospel. You will discover how you can work out your salvation not only with “fear and trembling,”[5] as Paul said, but also with the love and dominion of the Christ.

Once you have put together the cosmic jigsaw puzzle—the pieces of which you will find one by one in the thirty-three chapters of the total work, you will possess not only the hieroglyph of living Truth but also the blueprint of your fiery destiny....

You will be shown mysteries that will no longer be mysteries—secrets of the ages that will nevermore be secrets. You will find a linking-together of the whole tapestry of Truth in each multiform part....

Please recognize that we, as Messengers for the spiritual Hierarchy, have been commissioned to speak the unspeakable, to utter the unutterable and to set forth in writing what no man has written. We have had to make plain in earthly tongue what heretofore has been penned in the tongues of angels....

As the word of God was spoken by Jesus in parable, so the words of The Everlasting Gospel are hieroglyphs charged with both an inner and an outer meaning that can change your life and your world into the beauty and perfection that God intended you to manifest. You must take these hieroglyphs and eat them up—assimilate them into your consciousness—as the angel told John to take the little book and eat it up, warning him that it would make his belly bitter, but that it would be in his mouth sweet as honey.[6][7]

Other elements of the Everlasting Gospel

Archangel Michael has said:

Henceforth, you may know me as the angel who flies in heaven with the Everlasting Gospel, preaching that gospel to the men of earth. And you may know that the archangels follow suit. And you also being angels who have come to earth to teach mankind must also follow.

This Everlasting Gospel is the published Word and Work of the Lord in this activity [[[The Summit Lighthouse]]]. You have only to pick up any of the teachings to find the thread. And begin at the beginning with the rereading of the book Climb the Highest Mountain.[8]

Sanat Kumara has said:

Some of the Everlasting Gospel you will read here [in The Opening of the Seventh Seal], and some of it you will run with. But not all. And some I will give to Keepers of the Flame in their written lessons, and some I will give in the unwritten lessons transferred only by the Lamb to his wife.[9]

Jesus has said:

We will release in this very summer, from this very press so consecrated, books on the Lost Teachings of my life [the Lost Teachings of Jesus] that you will take and run with and start your own revolution, beloved!

These books contain the message of the Two Witnesses, whose time has come. They contain, beloved, that which has been sent forth by us through the Messengers. They are indeed a part of the Everlasting Gospel and the ancient Word brought to the present hour and the Lost Teaching regained. They are indeed the continuing release of the Climb the Highest Mountain series.[10]

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