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The laws that govern the ascension of the sons and daughters of God apply to planets, solar systems and galaxies alike. When a sphere has completed its cycle and its evolutions have all ascended, it will have fulfilled its function as a cosmic laboratory for gods in embryo now moved on to other worlds and seeking to conquer there.

This idea may seem devastating to those who call the planet home; but if the Earth is considered in the context of the purpose for which it was manufactured in the great solar laboratories of nature, its duration can be estimated at billions of years. The lifespan of a planet encompasses a scheme so vast as to defy the equations of the mind of man. Thus, to unascended man whose cycles of spiritual evolution provide ample opportunity for his progressive freedom, the earth may well “abide forever.”

The ascension of worlds

The immortalizing of a sphere such as our earth or of a cluster of worlds such as our solar system occurs through the gradual etherealization of the planes of earth, air, water and fire via the counterclockwise figure-eight spiral. This takes place as all of the misqualified energies that had ever been sent forth by the evolutions of the planet are transmuted through mankind’s invocation of the fires of God’s heart by prayer, decree and service. As the lifestreams assigned to the sphere fulfill their individual cycles through the ascension, the energy whirl in which they abide is also accelerated toward that goal.

When 51 percent of the world’s karma—the misqualified energy that is the collective responsibility of all who have ever embodied on the planet—is balanced, a golden ball is precipitated around the sphere. This ball is a manifestation of the Christ consciousness of all who have ever attained self-mastery on that world. It is suspended within the Cosmic Cube precipitated by the representatives of the Four Cosmic Forces. Those who hold the balance of the City Foursquare in the four lower bodies of the earth are Oromasis and Diana, Aries and Thor, Neptune and Luara, Virgo and Pelleur. It is their consciousness of the Christ that maintains the flow of the Four Cosmic Forces in nature and that focuses within the Cube the planetary pattern of the ascension.

Cosmic destiny of planets and Sons of God

This ritual of whirls ascending is going on throughout the universe, fulfilling the Law of Transcendence. Beloved Vesta, the Sun Goddess of our solar system, has spoken on the fiery destiny of the sons and daughters of God as well as of planets:

Precious hearts of Light, I kneel before the divinity within you. I am humble before the Light and the potential expansion of the Light that God has ordained within you—that you, beloved ones, and your twin flames are destined to become solar hierarchies, gods and goddesses of suns and systems of worlds, for one day you shall stand where we stand in the heart of the Sun. You shall look out upon the universe and see how the radiance of the Light that you have released has been directly responsible for the ascension not only of individuals but also of planetary bodies. For planets do ascend, beloved ones, after they have fulfilled their cosmic destiny: after the four lower bodies of a planet have been purified and its evolutions have all ascended, then the planet, too, ascends into the consciousness of the Christ that preordained it in the beginning.

And so there are entire solar systems in the ascended state and whose components are expanding together as a mighty chord in this universe. These hold a pattern of perfection that you can invoke to raise your own solar system. You may call for the momentum of the Electronic Forcefield of worlds ascended to be charged into your world unascended and to bring this entire solar system into its God-destiny that was ordained in the Beginning.[1]

Do you see, precious hearts of Light, as you contemplate the vast distances of your universe, as you study the stars and think upon the wide reaches of space, can you not adjust your consciousness and feel yourself becoming one with the entire galaxy and universe, as planets and stars and spiral nebulae whirl within your forcefield? Do you not understand, then, that this truly is taking place in the microcosm and you are already gods and goddesses of your own systems of worlds?[2]

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Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Immortality, pp. pp. 3–111.

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