Faith, Hope and Charity

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Stained glass window depicting Faith, Hope and Charity

There are three cosmic beings who bear these names, as well as the archeiai of the first, third and fourth rays, who assist the cosmic beings in releasing to the evolutions of earth the qualities of faith, hope and all-forgiving love.

After the first three golden ages, when mankind’s consciousness descended into duality, man’s threefold flame was reduced in size by cosmic decree in order to curb his misuse of the creative potential. Through his inordinate misqualification of God’s energy, man was no longer able to sustain the balance of the qualities of power, wisdom and love (faith, hope and charity) within the threefold flame. Thus, the Christ flame became imbalanced—i.e., the plumes were not at the same height or intensity—because he had lost the Christ consciousness.

It was at that time that the cosmic beings Faith, Hope and Charity sent forth the trinity of their flame-action and anchored a ray of their momentum in every lifestream evolving on the planet to renew and sustain the balanced action of the Christ consciousness.

Hope has described their service in this manner:

Hope is a divine quality. It is a quality of God himself, and it springs forth eternally in the human heart from the fount of the Father of all lights and cosmic purpose.

He and he alone manifests the power, love and wisdom of the threefold flame. Faith, or the blue plume thereof, identifies with the vibration of power; for faith is “the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.”[1] Hope identifies with the yellow plume, and it is to be found in the holy comfort of true illumination. It springs from the Christ mind, from the mind that hath wisdom; and as you shall see, charity is the boundlessness of divine love.[2]

Through their cosmic power of faith, hope and charity, these cosmic beings serve the individual until he expands the threefold flame, balances the plumes and attains his immortal freedom in the ascension. Without the assistance of these cosmic beings (together with the impetus rayed to each heart from Shamballa), mankind could not have made the advances in civilization, in the sciences and in the arts that they have. For the balance of the threefold flame is essential to living—indeed, it is the very balance of life itself.

As the disciples of Christ visualize the expanded threefold flame enfolding their four lower bodies in its balanced action, beloved Faith, Hope and Charity infuse that visualization with their momentum. Their service is the key to the attainment of the Christ consciousness, and their flames should be invoked daily by all who aspire to world service and to reunion with the God flame.

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