Fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of America

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The fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of America are great beings of light from the God Star, Sirius, which is the seat of God-government in this galaxy. These masters have been appointed by God to direct the course of the United States of America and to assist in the establishment of God-government in America.

As the spirit of freedom in these fourteen ascended masters says:

The victory of America is not the victory of a nation. It is the victory of the twelve hierarchies of the Sun in the twelve tribes of Israel who have come forth from every nation to dip into the flame, who shall return to every nation to ignite the flame, and who shall be unto all people the carriers of the fires of freedom.

Let the runners in the race, then, hear the cry of the fourteen ascended masters. Ours is a cry for freedom throughout the land of Terra. Ours is a cry for the Divine Mother. Ours is a cry of liberation for the souls of humanity.[1]

The golden age in the Sahara

Main article: Golden age in the Sahara Desert

More than fifty thousand years ago, in a fertile country where the Sahara Desert now is, Saint Germain was the king-emperor of a great golden-age civilization. Under his enlightened reign, the entire civilization knew an era of peace, abundance and accomplishment in commerce, education and the arts and sciences.

In this golden age, the authority of the affairs of state was vested in fourteen ascended masters, two governing on each of the seven rays of the Christ light, with fourteen lesser masters in charge of the seven departments of government. No government since that time has even approached the achievements of this divinely directed administration. For hundreds of years, harmony among peoples was the law of the land without the need for enforcement by any armed forces.

The decline of that ancient civilization began when a portion of the people became more interested in the temporary pleasures of the senses than in the larger creative plan of the Great God Self. Those governing realized they must withdraw and let the people learn through hard experience that all their happiness and good had come from adoration of the God within—and that they must again adore and serve the light if they were to be happy. The ruler was instructed by a cosmic council that he must leave his empire and his people.

The king and his children withdrew seven days later. A prince arrived the next day and took over without opposition. Two thousand years later, most of that empire had become barren land. This blight upon nature was the result of the discord and selfishness of the once-great people who had lived there.

Today the people of that ancient civilization have reembodied in America. As a nation, they are destined to rise once again, to recognize the Real Self within and to reestablish a great spiritual culture under the tutelage and leadership of Saint Germain.

Their service today

These same fourteen masters are here again as the fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of America, and they offer their assistance, if we will only invoke it:

Do not treat us as though we were from distant stars and relatives who come now and then to visit! We are here! We will help you in answer to your call!

Remember, when we hear those fiats so fiercely given, we respond. We call for reinforcements. And you have the victory. And the fallen ones are totally defeated. They have no power! They have no power! They have no power over you!

Wherefore, call upon the LORD! Rise in his dominion! And remember that the archangels do battle for you. Never enter in to a direct confrontation with aliens or fallen ones but turn them over in your decrees to the hosts of the LORD. This is the formula, beloved. It works. I ask you for the sake of all evolutions of this planet, make the formulas of the Great White Brotherhood work in your life every single day![2]


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