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Garnet is a gemstone that holds the light of the third ray. (Other gemstones of the third ray are ruby—which is also used on the sixth ray—the diamond, the rose quartz and pink beryl.)

Paul the Venetian, chohan of the third ray, uses these gemstones for the strengthening and purification of the blood and the heart physically, as well as the anchoring of the third ray of God’s love. These gemstones help us in developing the sensitivity of the heart, preparing us to receive the gift of discernment of Spirits.

Garnet is a beautiful stone, but it is soft. The ancients sometimes confused garnets and rubies, lumping all red stones into one designation. Garnet ranges in color from dark red to violet to orange-brown. It also comes in yellow or green.

Medieval writers referred to the garnet as the carbuncle. The Hebrew name for carbuncle was bareketh, meaning “flashing stone.” Eastern legends say Noah suspended a carbuncle in the Ark to diffuse light.

Like the ruby, in medieval times garnet was said to warn its owner of approaching danger and trouble by changing its color. Amulets of garnet were worn to protect against evil and terrifying dreams and to prevent skin diseases. The garnet also has a long tradition of being used for the strengthening of the blood.

Both the ruby and the garnet are used as focuses for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the blood of Christ.


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