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The Marriage of the Virgin, Alexandre-Francois Caminade (1824) (detail)

To assist us in holding light in our bodies, God has given to the nature spirits the assignment of forming gemstones in the earth for our use. Twelve of those were on the breastplate of the high priest of Israel, signifying a stone for each of the twelve tribes. Each of those twelve stones was for the initiation of one of the twelve tribes, who had to fulfill the Christ consciousness under one of the twelve signs of the zodiac as a path of initiation.

A molecular chalice

A crystal is a molecular chalice. Therefore, it can be used as a tool by you, by the adepts and by the ascended masters. It has a chemical and molecular formula containing metals and other elements, and that precise formula defines one particular crystal as quartz, something else as amethyst, something else as rose quartz, as emerald, sapphire, garnet, and so forth.

All of those stones are molecular chalices. They carry a vibration in the physical, in the negative polarity, which becomes a vessel and a magnet to draw the exact counterpart of spiritual energy in the positive polarity. So, they serve as adjuncts to the development of our chakras.

The use of crystals and gemstones

You can place a crystal upon your altar where you meditate and pray. And as you repeat mantras and you feel that light flowing through you, that light can actually coalesce or crystallize in the focus of your choosing.

We use gemstones for the same reason that we use technology and scientific instruments: we are at such a level of density in the earth that our bodies are not developed spiritually, nor are they physically light enough to hold the light that we are destined to hold. A gemstone has a molecular structure such that it can store energy which would be too much for our bodies.

So we use them as tools, not superstitiously as amulets. They are a means of storing the energies of our decrees and devotions. And whenever an ascended master may so choose, he may charge or endow a stone with light.

Our chakras as gemstones

Our chakras are also chalices intended to hold and store light, and these are our real spiritual gemstones.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 18, 1987, February 23, 1988.

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