God of the Swiss Alps

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View of the Lac des Quatres Cantons (Lake Lucerne) from Mount Pilatus

The God of the Swiss Alps is the guardian of the threefold flame that is anchored in the Swiss Alps as a focus of liberty in Central Europe. The radiance of his aura is a glacier blue, and he has many devas, elementals and legions of angels serving under him. The pulsations from the threefold flame within his retreat were felt by William Tell in the early fourteenth century.

Northern Europe is under the blue and yellow plumes, and Southern Europe is under the pink plume as the result of the direction of the plumes of the threefold flame anchored in his retreat. Thus, the destiny of nations is always determined by the invisible God flames anchored in their midst, unbeknownst to the people who fulfill the law of their being but seldom know the reason why. Even in Switzerland itself, there are three distinct centers of influence that come forth from the threefold flame and four official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansch).

In the German-Swiss, one feels the precision of the blue plume, the devotion to law and order as foremost in the people’s consciousness. In the French-Swiss and Italian-Swiss, the action of the love plume is more dominant; whereas illumination’s flame rays toward the East. Nevertheless, since there is the spiral action of the flame, we find a definite balance of all three phases of the Christ consciousness throughout this beautiful country as well as throughout Northern and Southern Europe.

The pattern of the four lower bodies is represented in the four national languages of Switzerland, with the threefold flame in the center focused near the Lac des Quatres-Cantons (“the lake of four cantons,” or states) focusing the Christ within the center of the four lower bodies. This is the archetypal pattern for the development of the God consciousness within all nations of the world as well as the control of the four lower bodies and their harmonious cooperation in order that the flame of freedom might not perish from the earth.


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