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The golden pink glow-ray is the radiation of the second and third rays, which are the yellow and the pink. These are focused by Helios and Vesta, the Christed twin flames and the Sun behind the sun of the center of our solar system. The Light of the Father-Mother God centered, then, in these twin flames is for the very pathway of our initiation according to the wisdom and the love of these second and third rays.

Now, we know with the seven notes on the piano it is between the notes that we find the five black notes, which also represent the secret rays. So between the wisdom and the love, we find a golden pink. It is the blending of gold and pink, and yet they remain distinct, and when they are blended they are the color almost of a very pastel peach. This very focus of light in our inner eye, in the third eye, and in the heart brings into our being a tremendous radiation of the Central Sun of our own I AM Presence and of the wholeness of the principles we call Alpha and Omega, the principles of our own origin and our own twin flames.

This light of the secret ray called the golden pink glow-ray[1] is something that prepares the body for the transition, for the keeping of the flame for the victory through the flame of the resurrection. There is a very close correlation between the use of the golden pink glow-ray and the resurrection flame. Thanks to the elder brothers and sisters, the ascended masters, we have decrees for the invocation of both of these flames.

Lord Maitreya has spoke of the golden pink glow-ray:

I place in your heart, in this hour together, fire of my fire. I dip into this fire, beloved—a gold and pink and white fire—I dip into it, and in the multiplicity of my Self and Presence I place [it] into an urn (which I have by your leave already placed upon the altar of your heart)—a beautiful gold and pink and white fire. These colors merging, beloved, produce many hues.

Therefore, [visualizing this fire] as petals of roses, fiery roses with dewdrops, you shall know that when you meditate upon this fire through the call to the golden pink glow-ray, you shall be drawn unerringly to my abode. And you shall know that the requirement of approaching me by a congruency of vibration has been met by all whom you find in my abode. The golden pink glow-ray is the entrance to the realm of the Buddhas....

You shall surely know the Buddha in the way when you expand the golden pink glow-ray of the heart, becoming thereby tender, sensitive, loving in a beautiful sound of Love—love as appreciation for the soul, for the spirit, for the vastness of potential and being, but above all [as] appreciation for the God Flame.[2]

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 3, 1985.

  1. The golden pink glow ray is a secret ray, but not necessarily one of the five secret rays. For example, Lord Maitreya has said: I raise my hand and I send the ruby ray and the violet flame and the intensity of the golden-pink glow ray and Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays,” implying that the golden pink glow-ray is distinct from the five secret rays (Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 53, December 30, 1985.). —the editors
  2. Lord Maitreya, “The Gift of Self-Knowledge,” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31, no. 57, September 4, 1988.