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Gossip is one of the most vicious and malignant forces that the false hierarchy uses in their attempts to defeat all that is of worth in man. The accumulation of mankind’s misqualified energies that have been used in gossip forms a mass entity that hangs in the astral plane, seeking to devour the very life of spiritual organizations and every noble undertaking. Every effort the ascended masters make to reach mankind is attacked by this force. Thus students of the light must counteract it daily so all other avenues of Truth might be protected.

Needless to say, disciples on the Path should never engage in the practice of gossip. For in so doing, they trespass against their brethren and the precepts of the Law. And they also thereby tie into the forcefield of the gossip entity (for by the Law of Attraction, like attracts like), thus becoming tools for its destructive maneuvers.


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