Great Teams of Conquerors

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The Great Teams of Conquerors are cosmic reinforcements in the service of Elohim engaged in the Battle of Armageddon on behalf of the Lightbearers of the galaxies.

Beloved Surya described the presence of these beings in 1989:

During this conference from the beginning to the end, my legions of light of the God Star and the Great Teams of Conquerors, legions of light that are fierce and powerful, they have come. And you would mistake them for the hard hats [construction workers] in the cities. You would think that they are just like others until you approach and you begin to see the aura and the glistening white of the type of armour that they wear. They wear this armour that makes them impervious.[1]

Hercules has said that we could use his decree to summon the assistance of these legions:

I therefore promise you, beloved, that each and every time you give your call to Hercules in multiples of nine, you shall have the multiplication thereof that you have not seen since my original physical presence in the earth. You can use this decree to summon the great teams of conquerors who work with our legions.[2]


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