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Inordinate or reprehensible acquisitiveness; the love of money that is the root of all evil.[1] Many people think it is money that is the root of all evil; but it is not. Money is our supply. It is the love of money, or the love of the form, that is the problem.

Greed is a mass entity of human creation that enslaves the nations of the world, devouring the light of men’s souls by inducing attachment to material possessions. The “money beast” is an astral form that hangs over Wall Street, manipulating the stock exchange and producing periodic economic crises through black magicians in and out of embodiment. It stretches its tentacles across continents and into the hearts of men. The economic enslavement of the planet is sustained through this form because men willingly feed their precious energies into it in their insatiable desire for wealth, which they think will give them freedom and control over others.

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Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Immortality.

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