Guru Nanak

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Guru Nanak with Hindu holy men

Hindu prophet of India (1469–1538), called the “Apostle of Peace”; founder of the Sikhs; set about the reconciliation of Hinduism and Islam in an inspired teaching of one God—Sat Nam “True Name.”

Guru Nanak taught that there is one true, universal God and that one can please God by serving humanity. His teachings were expressed through devotional hymns that emphasized salvation from rebirth by meditating on the divine name.

Guru Nanak said:

The true devotees are not soiled in mind. Their pure minds dwell on the Lord alone.

Through the Guru, they realize the word. And they immerse themselves in the Lord’s nectar name. The wisdom of the Guru burns bright in them. And the darkness of their ignorance is dispelled....

Through the medium of the Word the soul doth cross the endless ocean of matter. Lowly Nanak therefore glorifies His Naam (the Word).[1]

Guru Nanak is a very delightful guru; he has a very sweet heart. You can meditate upon his heart and know that he is among the unascended gurus of the Great White Brotherhood and very anxious to impart to all of the ascended masters’ chelas his flame.

An ascended master is one with the I AM Presence. The unascended master may have that attainment but he has not chosen to enter into the ritual of the ascension, which Jesus demonstrated. He forgoes that ascension so that he can sustain God consciousness in the unascended planes of being. Guru Nanak sustains that God consciousness in the Matter plane.

The sweetness of Guru Nanak and of his love can be felt when you go to his temple in India.


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