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Hatred as such is avowedly shunned by all who have embraced the teachings of the Christ, but few are truly diligent in keeping the consciousness free of mild dislike, criticism, condemnation and judgment, and irritation involving other lifestreams. These are all forms of hatred and have far-reaching effects upon those against whom they are directed.

Discrimination should be practiced while holding the immaculate concept for oneself and all life. Imperfection is not permanent because it was not created by God and therefore it cannot be endowed with his Reality. Hence, it should be beneath the dignity of a son of God to attach importance to any unseemly quality that may appear to manifest in himself or another.

To cast out unwanted conditions by the authority of the Christ, to reject the unreal and embrace the Divine, and to follow in the footsteps of the masters: This is the way of mastery. Whereas the memory of past wrongs and failures, the holding of grudges and resentment and the prolongation of strife—these are the ways of death.

Hatred is an inversion of the love ray, and love is the great creative principle of the universe; therefore, when love is replaced by any one of the above-mentioned forms of hatred, then disunity, disorder and disorganization are the outcome—disease, decay and death being the end result.

Cancer is the final working out upon the physical body of various forms of hatred that originally manifested at etheric, mental or emotional levels.


Keepers of the Flame Lesson 24.