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Elohim Heros and Amora are the Elohim of the third ray of God’s love, representing the Spirit of the Father-Mother God on the pink plume. They infuse earth, air, fire and water with the cohesive power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, by the power of the love they radiate, the planets are held in their orbits and the electrons continue on their appointed rounds.

The radiance of Heros and Amora is pink with a white lining.

In 1995, Heros and Amora came with a landmark dispensation whereby they were strategically layering thousands of “bricks of the ruby ray” in the earth that would “radiate ruby-ray ‘heat’ to balance inner levels of the earth closest to the core.” They will stabilize the earth and curtail the power of those with evil intent, lightening the load of darkness on the planet. The Elohim also said that this action would cause changes in the earth, and added, “You may pray that these changes be not physical.” They encouraged us to give violet-flame decrees daily to restore the equilibrium of the planet.

Our angels will repair the faults in the etheric sheath, and as you intensify your violet-flame rituals, they will repair the faults in the earth. And you shall see the curtailment of the power of those who have persecuted the body of God in the earth. Ratify this prophecy by your calls, and it shall swiftly come to pass![1]

Heros and Amora would like us to focus on first, the intensification of these ruby-ray bricks and second, the defeat of all forces of anti-love that oppose the union of twin flames and our union with our Higher Self. Visualize the layered ruby-ray bricks radiating an intense ruby heat throughout the earth.

Heros and Amora speak of an action of love that is not widely understood:

The action of love is the action of the mightiest force in all of cosmos, the unleashing of the white-fire core of the atom, of the core of the secret rays.... Watch, then, how the judgment is meted by God through the instrument of the Elohim and through the instrument of love, and see how in the coming days there is a reinforcement of choices: those who choose light will find their light reinforced ... and those who are of the darkness will become that conglomerate mass of the mass subconscious wherein the spirals of self-annihilation and defeat lead, then, to the second death. Choose, then, life!... Choose allegiance to the inner flame. And be not concerned whether or not the messenger, the emissary, is right, is wrong, is real, or is not real.... Be concerned with the choice within the citadel of your own consciousness, your own being and life, and then you will know what is Real.[2]


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Their focus is in the etheric realm over Lake Winnipeg in Canada. The radiance of their pink flame, together with that of Chamuel and Charity, forms an arc of love connecting their retreat with that of the archangel and archeia of the third ray over St. Louis, Missouri.

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