Hiawatha House

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Hiawatha House, Minneapolis

Hiawatha House was the name of the Church Universal and Triumphant Minneapolis/St. Paul Community Teaching Center, located as 1206 Fifth Street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The focus was purchased by Keepers of the Flame in 1975.

God and Goddess Meru spoke of the purposes of this focus in a dictation on October 4, 1975:

Therefore we have sent forth souls of light to establish that focus which shall be known as Hiawatha House, the place for unity, for finding strength in union[1] as a cosmic cube of the Church Universal and Triumphant. Let it be the shrine of the Father-Mother God. Let it be the place of the return to the culture, the culture of Mu and of the land of Mu and of the land of the waters, shining waters, sparkling waters, many waters descending from the great I AM Presence.

And let those who are the descendants of Mu who claim their heritage as the first Americans also learn of the teachings of the Motherland whence they came. Let their soul memory be restored. Let them return to the flame. Let them let go of their rebellions by which they were thrust out from the Motherland. And let them return to the sacred fire to dedicate this land to Hiawatha, who took his leave long ago and disappeared in the canoe into the waters of the Mother flow.[2]

On January 24, 1976, devotees of Saint Germain assembled at the center for the master’s dedicatory address. The focus was sold in 1989.


  1. In “The Song of Hiawatha,” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Hiawatha preaches to the tribes of the Indians, “All your strength is in your union. All your danger is in discord.”
  2. God and Goddess Meru, “The Education of the Heart,” October 4, 1975.