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It is very important to invest capital wisely and avoid unsound capital investments. Many people want to invest, but you need to know a lot to invest your capital. When you take your capital and you invest it without sound advice, but solely on the convincing arguments of friends that you happen to meet or even other students on the spiritual path, you may find yourself making very unwise capital investments simply because you have not understood who the false prophets in the economy are and who are the true prophets.

It is important not confuse the soundness of an investment with the joy and enthusiasm of those who may have dedicated hearts, very deep desires to serve the masters and to make everyone’s dreams come true but do not have the knowledge, experience or ability to make those dreams a reality. Saint Germain’s nine steps of precipitation don’t work like magic, simply because you do them. They work when the foundation is sound. If you have a sound investment and a sound project that is based upon ascended master law and the economics of the time, then your nine steps will work. But if the solid base is not there, you cannot force the law.

The laws of economics are like the laws of karma; they are inexorable. And it is important to be conservative and to look at the future, to research thoroughly and to consult with professionals and investment counselors.


In 1973, Saint Germain advocated investing in gold. But gold is not a short-term investment. It is an investment in a commodity that you should be prepared to keep on a long-term basis and as a safeguard in the case of an upheaval in the economy or other unforeseen circumstances where it would be wise to have gold rather than paper money. Therefore it is important to diversify your investments and not put all your eggs in one basket. And when investing in gold or silver, be prepared to lay it aside and think of it in terms of a lifetime, not in terms of next year when you need the money. It is a safety measure and an investment for funds you won’t need in the short term.

Use you funds wisely

Beloved Helios advises us to be prudent in the use of our funds:

Beloved ones, you have a great treasure-house in your causal body. But I tell you, your own Holy Christ Self is reticent to unleash that substance to you for concern that you will go and misuse it again. And therefore enter into a trust with Portia that you might know God-Justice and all prudence and that you might know that none of the things of this world are worth spending that supply of your causal body on—only the things of the Spirit, only those things that contribute to your fulfillment of your divine plan, to the fulfillment of your mission upon earth are worth it.

And therefore know that the supply that comes forth from your causal body is limited, for you have placed there but a limited amount of momentum of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes on this planet. And therefore the gold of your causal body won, hard won by you, must be treasured as something you use only for the furtherance of the kingdom of God within your being and your own adeptship and your own God Self-mastery.[1]


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 13, 1986.

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