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Statue of the Buddha carved from a single block of white jade, from the Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai, China

The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple is the hierarch of the retreat in China known as the Jade Temple.

According to ancient tradition that comes down to us from the time when the angels of the Jade Temple walked among the people and healed, jade has healing properties that are transferred to the physical body. Standing in the Jade Room of the Temple, we bear witness to the truth of this ancient belief. The glow of the healing flame comes through the walls of jade, which convey a feeling of velvet softness, peace and stillness.

In the temple, there is a statue of a jade Buddha sitting in the lotus posture with his hands outstretched upon his knees, holding a focus of the healing flame in each palm: in his left palm, the feminine and in the right, the masculine aspect of the healing flame. Thus, the buddhic consciousness is androgynous and conveys the wholeness of the Father-Mother God to all whose faith will permit them to be whole.

The jade that lines the walls of the Temple is the crystallization of the healing flame used by the Brothers and angels of this retreat to minister to the needs of mankind and elemental life.

As a gift to the Keepers of the Flame, the Angel Deva and his legions erected a replica of the Jade Temple around La Tourelle at the 1969 Harvest Class. The Angel Deva told those present to visualize in the midst of the Temple a great white lotus flame. This he created out of the essence of their own souls’ aspiration to be a pulsing lotus of light, and he condensed it into the aura of each one who was able to accept it. He said:

By the process of cosmic thought you can create your own meditation temples wherever you are, and you can create this great lotus of white fire around yourself, a breathing purity from God that will cut off all outer activity of the senses. Even as your tube of light functions so magnificently, this will also add to it the power of the Jade Temple.[1]

He said that the Jade Temple exists in the flame of purity that you are when you understand the cosmic seed and the cosmic intent and function as one with the Presence. He sealed the cables of communication between the Higher Self and the lower self in a coating of fiery jade, in a flowing flux of cosmic reality, to enhance the student’s understanding of his true Being.

On the same occasion, he blessed the jade worn by the students in attendance with his momentum of purity and healing. In establishing these individual foci, he pointed out that the secret of all healing is to bask in purity’s glow; for in the flame of purity, there is no human stain.

He said of the blessing of the jewelry:

Understand that the time limit of the charge is determinate upon your own life. For whenever you wear the jade and your thoughts are inharmonious or destructive, you remove a little of the charge I have placed within it today; and whenever you are constructive and building in hope and renewal toward God and the flame of his purity, you will add to it. This is a simple rephrasing of the law of your own being: “Whatsoever ye shall sow, that shall ye also reap.”[2]

With this understanding, all students may ask the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple to charge their jade jewelry with his momentum of purity and healing.

In a dictation in 1975, the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple spoke of his service and his retreat:

I AM the Angel Deva. I stand before you in a very great stature, for the devas are angelic beings who serve with the elemental kingdom. My service, then, is with the elementals who are the builders of the jade and the matrix of the jade. Their devotion is very great to the healing angels, who guide them in their service as they create in the heart of the earth and in the rock the substance of jade that contains that molecular structure sufficient for the transfer of the healing light.

And so the focus of the Mother was placed in the land of Chin. For this people, beloved of the Mother, had earned in previous eras the right to have that healing presence bless their soil.

And so I stand before you, one who works with millions of elementals, teaching them how to blend their energies with the angelic hosts, serving in cooperation for the benefit of mankind, for the balance of the forces of nature, for the healing of the elementals themselves, for the healing of the embodied angels, and for the healing of precious mankind.

Gautama Buddha is the sponsor of our retreat, and enshrined on the sacred altar, carved from the very heart of the rock, the heart of the earth that is jade itself, is a large statue of the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha. And through this particular statue of Gautama there is the radiation of the healing light of the Buddha.

You would do well to invoke the light of the statue of the Buddha of the jade when you are calling for healing for yourselves, your loved ones, and for the multitudes. For beloved Gautama anchors here a truly miraculous light.[3]

The Angel Deva also officiates at the altar of the Cathedral of the Violet Flame.

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