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The Keeper’s Daily Prayer is a universal creed which may be pronounced by men of all religions. As the Apostles’ Creed provided the theme for the Christian dispensation, this prayer is a declaration of faith that can be made in the New Age by sons and daughters of God wherever they may be—whether in this world or beyond the Milky Way—for it centers the consciousness in the flame of God and does not bind the soul to man-made doctrine or timeworn dogma.

The Keeper’s Daily Prayer
A Flame is active—
A Flame is vital—
A Flame is eternal.

I AM a God Flame of radiant love
From the very Heart of God
In the Great Central Sun,
Descending from the Master of Life!
I AM charged now
With beloved Helios and Vesta’s
Supreme God Consciousness
And Solar Awareness.

Pilgrim upon earth,
I AM walking daily the Way
Of the Ascended Masters’ victory
That leads to my eternal freedom
By the power of the Sacred Fire
This day and always,
Continually made manifest
In my thoughts, feelings, and immediate awareness,
Transcending and transmuting
All the elements of earth
Within my four lower bodies
And freeing me by the power of the Sacred Fire
From those misqualified foci of energy
within my being.

I AM set free right now from all that binds
By and through the currents of the Divine Flame
Of the Sacred Fire itself
Whose ascending action makes me
God in manifestation,
God in action,
God by direction and
God in consciousness!

I AM an active Flame!
I AM a vital Flame!
I AM an eternal Flame!
I AM an expanding Fire Spark
From the Great Central Sun
Drawing to me now every ray
Of divine energy which I need
And which can never be requalified by the human
And flooding me with the Light
And God-illumination of a thousand suns
To take dominion and rule supreme forever
Everywhere I AM!

Where I AM, there God is also.
Unseparated forever I remain,
Increasing my Light
By the smile of His radiance,
The fullness of His love,
The omniscience of His wisdom,
And the power of His life eternal,
Which automatically raises me
On ascension’s wings of victory
That shall return me to the Heart of God
From whence in truth
I AM come to do God’s will
And manifest abundant Life to all!


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mary’s Message of Divine Love.