Letters to the masters

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An ancient ritual of the Brotherhood in which letters are written and burned.

When you take pen in hand and write a letter to any of the ascended hosts, the current of your own individual identity flows from your heart and the essence and the substance of your own vibration is recorded on the paper. When the letter is burned, the coil of consciousness that went into the letter, the etheric blueprint of your writing, is taken up in a scroll at the etheric level and taken by angelic hosts to the hierarchs of light to whom the letter is addressed or to whom it is directed by your own God Presence if you have simply addressed it to the Almighty or God the Father or the Christ.

There is a great importance in writing down requests to God. It gives you a tie to God that is a different form of prayer and meditation than decrees or spoken prayer or silent meditation. It is using the focus of your own heart flame in the world of form and the focus of God in the hand that you write with. Therefore the masters have said that it is better to write a letter than to type, because when you write the energy flows through your hand and through the pen.

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