Lilith (unseen satellite of the earth)

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For other uses, see Lilith.

Lilith is an unseen satellite of the earth, like a moon, which may be on the astral, mental or etheric plane. It is called the “dark moon of the earth” because it does not reflect the light of the sun. Esoteric astrologers chart its course around the earth according to its shadow.

The name Lilith has been associated with Kali, the goddess who with her sword challenges the demons. In fact, Lilith is one of many names of an impostor of the true being of the Mother flame who uses the forcefield of this satellite, which is a focal point of the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit.

The true name of the being who uses that forcefield is “Lily of the Valley,” a great cosmic being of Purity, whose precipitation is the flower with this name.


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