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Listening Angel

Embracing the pink and golden flames, this beloved angel and the legions in her command are assigned by Alpha and Omega to listen to the prayers, the heart calls, the innermost thoughts of the mankind of earth and to carry their prayers on wings of light to the Almighty for his disposition.

Listening Angel and her legions are holy comforters, friends who listen in time of need and give the wisdom and compassion of their hearts to mankind as they pour out their troubles to these angel visitants. Her flame of compassion is anchored in the Temple of the Sun over the island of Manhattan.

We can learn much from Listening Angel, who says:

The prayers of children, as their hearts speak through their souls after they have left the body to sleep at night, are the most precious of prayers that we hear out of all the earth. Children pray for graces, not for toys.

Children remember God, for they are yet small and still can peep through the veil beyond the octaves to their home of light. Children come with a desire to console their parents, fully aware that their parents are burdened by many cares and concerns of the world. Oh, what a blessing it is to nurture these fine sensitivities of children and their sense of being so close to God through angels!

I AM indeed your Listening Angel, and I have numberless bands of angels who are listening not only to the prayers but to the many types of expressions of the people of earth: their frustrations, their angers, their self-pity, their feelings of aloneness in a wide, wide world where there is no real depth and no longer the capacity for intimacy in spiritual matters, in communion with God or with another heart. And are not these prayers also?

Many people on earth suffer, as you know, and they do not pray. Therefore, we must listen to the expressions of the soul that may not be articulated, for their pain is so great. Listening angels are there when people pass from life in agony and when there is the joyous birth of children.

Listening angels are there to comfort souls whose bodies are being aborted, and therefore, whose missions are being aborted. Oh, we tend these souls with greatest care that they may not be scarred when they must enter once again the womb of life and perhaps make another try and another before someone will receive them instead of closing the door and snuffing out the breath of life.

Earth, then, and her people are dealing with more karma than they have dealt with in many centuries (if it were possible, and it is indeed possible that this is so), and therefore the weight that people feel in their bodies is a weight of anguish.

Some have accommodated themselves and created accommodations with life, and therefore they consider themselves well-balanced, happy—having all that they want of creature comforts. Yet, many of these have lost contact with their souls, and they do not experience God. For they have cut off their soul faculties, and although they consider themselves rich and increased with goods and having no wants whatsoever, they do not know that their souls feel naked and without anything.

There are many who cut off not only their own soul but their own divine spark, their own reason for being, and they cut off the angels and God also. And they are very, very sure that they are right in every position they take—social, economic, political.

All of their views are, of course, right. Yes, beloved ones, so sure are so many who ought not to be sure at all, for they have not the real and living contact with their own soul or with God.[1]


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