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In his final embodiment, David Lloyd lived as a young boy in India, where his father represented the British Government. His father passed on when he was twenty, leaving a hundred thousand pounds willed to the family by a friend whom they had sponsored in diamond mines in South Africa. An unascended master saw to it that David Lloyd was taken care of and that he and his mother were safely transported to England. The same master told David Lloyd that one day he would find a man on a mountain in North America who would hand him a crystal cup containing the elixir of life and that he would assist him in raising his body.

Meeting with Godfré

After fifty years of continuous searching, amidst great trials, he met Godfré Ray King on Mount Shasta. When Godfré offered him a drink from a nearby spring, a crystal cup formed in Godfré’s hand. As he handed David the cup, Godfré saw that it was filled with the same sparkling liquid that Saint Germain had previously offered him. David Lloyd then told Godfré the story of his life, and Godfré made the call to the I AM Presence and Saint Germain to assist David Lloyd through him. Again a crystal cup formed in his hand and was filled with living liquid light. As David Lloyd drank the elixir, his youth returned, and he rose from the ground into his ascension in the light.

Just as Godfré was the key to David Lloyd’s immortal freedom and the only one through whom that blessing could come, so that experience was an initiation for Godfré that could only come through David Lloyd. By it he rose in service as a messenger of the hierarchy. In a like manner, we are all keys to one another’s victory, and we must be alert to affirm that victory for one another. For in so doing, we rise up the ladder of initiation.

The physical ascension

David Lloyd is among the masters who have made the physical ascension. In the ritual of the ascension, the soul is united with the white-fire body of the I AM Presence. Normally, this does not require the raising of the physical body; rather, the soul itself may take flight from the mortal coil and be translated through the ascension process. Today most people whose souls qualify for the ritual of the ascension ascend from inner levels after the soul has departed the physical body following the change called death. The soul attains union with the mighty I AM Presence to become a permanent atom in the body of God just as in a physical ascension.

The ascended master Rex has told us that those who are called to the physical ascension must have had many thousands of years of preparation. In order to ascend, the candidate must have balanced at least 51 percent of his karma. In order to make a physical ascension, he must have balanced between 95 and 100 percent of his karma.

When a physical ascension takes place, the physical body is transformed by and superseded by the ascended master light body. During the ascension ritual, the soul becomes permanently clothed with this body, also called the “wedding garment,” or the deathless solar body.

Serapis Bey describes the process of the ascension in his Dossier on the Ascension.

The flame above (in the heart of the Presence) magnetizes the flame below (the threefold flame within the heart) and the wedding garment descends around the silver cord to envelop the lifestream of the individual in those tangible and vital essence currents of the ascension. Tremendous changes then take place in the form below, and the four lower bodies of man are cleansed of all impurities. Lighter and lighter grows the physical form, and with the weightlessness of helium the body begins to rise into the atmosphere, the gravitational pull being loosened and the form enveloped by the light of the externalized glory that man knew with the Father “in the beginning....” The individual ascends, then, not in an earthly body but in a glorified spiritual body into which the physical form is changed on the instant by total immersion in the great God flame.[1]

The experience of the ascension

The ascended master David Lloyd has told us that we may call to him to charge us with his feeling and momentum of desiring the ascension, which was built up over those fifty years of searching. He speaks with compassion for those who have not yet attained the ascension and describes his experience of the ascension:

Beloved ones, take heart. I give to you and pledge to you my sacred word this night that the love of God has programmed for you all a similar opportunity, a victorious overcoming of the vicissitudes of life and the darkness of this world....

Do not be overconcerned, beloved hearts of light, simply because you have failed to attain in previous moments of struggle and search. Be not dismayed. Be not affrighted nor consider yourselves as an offcast from the gates of heaven, for heaven beckons and comes very close.

Many times as I journeyed throughout the realm of experiences in the earth life, I also found that struggle seemed to overcome me, and discouragement aimed directly at dissuading me from the search caused me momentarily to pause. The wise do it not, and yet I do not think of myself in that former state as always acting wisely—but persistently. For I was persistent to storm the very gates of the citadel of heaven, and I continued to pursue the spiritual path, even when some around me sought to discourage me. Many circumstances that are unrecorded still occurred in my life that prevented me from enjoying at all times the fullness of the divine search.

Yet, the eye of God beckoned. The perception of God continued to call me. And I knew that it was a matter of divine and infinite destiny that one day I should receive the gift of the ascension. Yet, when the moment came, I knew it not, and scarcely as it was happening did I know it. Yet so wondrous was it, when I began to feel that buoyant joy, that caress of the Infinite upon my finite being that dissolved it altogether. And in its place, almost as the sea, spewed forth the beautiful, compassionate experience of molding me in cosmic form into the infinitude of God’s thought.

The perfect body appeared. The perfect mind appeared. The perfect soul ruled the world of my being. A surge of infinite strength came forth, and I rose into the air, into the arms of a similar dissolvement as had happened previously to beloved Jesus. For a cloud, too, of infinite, cosmic love received me out of the sight of men. And in the bond of cosmic compassion, I expanded my knowledge into the Infinite as cadences of loveliness, receding into a far and distant future, which appeared before me then as a mountain of hope. And I entered in to the joy of God. And the joy of God filled my soul, and darkness vanished altogether.

And in the mystery of being, I understood that others like me would follow also in the wake of my experience and would come to realize at last that the infinite lamp of God was always lit, awaiting the return home of the prodigal child and the lifting up of each individual who passed through this magnificent gift of attainment with the vestments of immortality.[2]


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