Lords of Creation

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Cosmic beings who are among the hierarchy of the God Star, Sirius.

The Lords of Mind, the Lords of Creation, the Lords of Individuality, and the Lords of Form are implicitly inherent in the gestation in the womb of the mother of the temple that is being built for the housing of the living God, the child of light. They created our bodies and the environment and the food around us, actually endowing each separate food with a different quality, a different healing property, a different relationship to the organs of the body.

In 1989, the Elohim Purity and Astrea said:

We are Elohim of the Fourth Ray. Out of our cosmic conception of Christ-purity we have conceived and brought you forth with the Lords of Mind, the Lords of Form, the Lords of Individuality. Thus, beloved, we are one with the Lords of Creation.[1]

In 1981, Saint Germain said of these great beings:

For the Great Lords of the God Star Sirius do stand. Lords of Form, Lords of Mind, Lords of Creation, Lords of Individuality, hierarchy of the God Star—they do stand. They send forth a wavelength and you will see the receding of the nefarious deeds and consciousness of the fallen ones in the very earth.[2]


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