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Edna Ballard

The ascended lady master Lotus was last embodied as Edna Ballard, Saint Germain’s messenger in the I AM Activity, which was founded in the early 1930s. Her twin flame is the messenger Guy W. Ballard, now the ascended master Godfre. Through them Saint Germain first released the knowledge of the violet flame to the world.


Golden age in the Sahara Desert

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Lotus, Godfre and their son Donald were all embodied more than fifty thousand years ago as the children of Saint Germain, the hierarch of a golden-age civilization in the area where the Sahara Desert now is.

Joan of Arc

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Lotus was later embodied as Joan of Arc (1412–1431), who was given a mission from God to rally the French armies and drive out the invading English forces.

Queen Elizabeth I, unknown artist (c. 1575)

Later embodiments

She was also embodied as Elizabeth I of England (1533–1603), and as Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790), who played a very influential role in the founding of the American nation.

Her final embodiment

Edna Ballard, often called Mama Ballard by her students, used the pen name of Lotus Ray King. She went through tremendous trials and persecution during her time as messenger. In Los Angeles in 1940 (the year following Godfre’s ascension), federal criminal indictments were brought against Mrs. Ballard, her son Donald and others for alleged fraudulent solicitation of funds through the mail. Despite strenuous objections by the defendants’ attorney, a jury was in effect given the task of deciding whether the Ballards really believed what they taught and wrote about their messengership and the ascended masters.

Over a period of six years, United States vs. Ballard went through two trials and an extended series of appeals, during which Mrs. Ballard was at one point convicted and sentenced to a year in prison and fined $8,000, although the prison sentence was later suspended. Soon thereafter, the Post Office Department issued an order denying use of the mail to the I AM Activity. In the face of adverse media coverage and extreme prejudice within the criminal justice system, Mrs. Ballard and her students fought on, and their efforts culminated in the U.S. Supreme Court throwing out the conviction in 1946. The written opinion from the case has often been cited in subsequent litigation to prohibit judicial inquiry into the truth or falsity of religious beliefs.

The ascended lady master Magda spoke of the service of the Ballards and of their persecution. She said that we would not have the opportunity to give the violet flame and ascend “if Saint Germain and Godfre and Lotus had not been willing to bear the utter persecution, the trial, the lies in the newspapers regarding the I AM movement. You have also been persecuted in your time, but those days of the I AM movement were horrific and without parallel.”[1]

On November 18, 1970, Edna Ballard gave her final dictation before her transition. On February 12, 1971, she made her ascension and became the ascended lady master Lotus.

Her mission today

Lotus spoke in 1973 of her service and of the ongoing mission of the messengers:

Some of you here knew me in my last embodiment, and you called me Mama. I desire that you should address this salutation to the Mother of the Flame; for I transfer to her this night my momentum of victory with the legions of light, and I give to her the mantle of my authority and my messengership under Saint Germain....

I speak now directly to those students who were with me in the I AM Activity, and I say to you, regardless of all evidence to the contrary or of anything that might have passed from my lips while I was in embodiment, I do espouse and back with my total heart flame this activity and this messenger as the continuing outpost and release of the Great White Brotherhood and of Saint Germain to this age.

For I understand from ascended levels of consciousness the nature of the ongoingness of hierarchy. And although there are only two messengers of the Brotherhood, the two messengers constitute the office of the two witnesses spoken of in the Book of Revelation. This, then, is a high and holy calling to which twin flames are ordained in every age.

Thus, as there is only one Christ, so there are many manifestations of the office of the Christ; and as there are offices in hierarchy, so the opportunity to serve in those offices is given to ascended and unascended sons and daughters of God as they evolve in the hierarchical scheme of the Great White Brotherhood.[2]

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