Maitreya Mountain

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Maitreya Mountain

The mountain on the Royal Teton Ranch known in the local area as Deaf Jim Knob was renamed “Maitreya Mountain” by the messenger. It overlooks the Heart of the Inner Retreat from the southeast.

On April 26, 1983, Gautama Buddha said that he would walk with all who climb Maitreya Mountain:

Blessed ones, I will promise you that everyone who will walk or hike to that point, I will accompany. I will be your companion on the trail. I say this now so that you may begin to build stamina for that climb, especially those who are not so used to climbing. And may others who are the brave ones prepare a path even such as that which is upon Mount Shasta, prepared by one who thought of the pilgrims who would come in search of the Great White Lodge.

Well, you will find that Buddha Maitreya maintains a focus as a replica of a physical Buddha meditating. His focus is a giant Buddha in commemoration of the mighty focus of the Buddha Surya from the Great Central Sun who once held a mighty balance for this earth in ancient, ancient times.[1]

On July 2, 1984, Maitreya said that he had placed a focus of himself in the lotus posture in meditation upon Maitreya Mountain as “a sign raised up to all the world that in the West the Saviouress is come and the Universal Mother may once again transmit the teaching of Maitreya through her instrument and servant.”[2]

Gautama Buddha also spoke of the Coming Buddha in his November 8, 1981, dictation, delivered at the Inner Retreat:

Perceive, then, the coming of the Mother always as the sign of Lord Maitreya. For we have a saying: If the Mother be in our midst, can Maitreya be far behind? Far nearer than the far-off worlds is the emanating Light of Maitreya.

Thus, indeed have you renamed the mountain “Maitreya Mountain.” For it is the sign of the rising spiral of his coming, as earth herself rises in the form of the mountain to praise his blessed feet, that he might have the place wherewith to alight—and there to meditate over the Heart of our Inner Retreat for the coming of the pilgrims who would become, by discipleship, the messengers of Maitreya.[3]

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