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On January 1, 1974, in Mexico City, Mother Mary spoke of an ascended lady master who has been known as Maria:

Therefore this is an origin point of the release of cycles here in Mexico City, where there is an ancient focus of the heart chakra. And that focus was established by one soul who lived here who gave her life to the heart of God, who was a saint before it was known what a saint was or is or can be. By inner attunement, by intuition, but most of all by love for God, whom she personified in the light of the sun and the rays of the sun, this soul won her ascension by oneness with the heart of God, the heart of Christ and even the hearts of all mankind.

Thus [is] the record and the memory of one of those ancient priestesses who kept the flame in one of the twelve temples that surrounded the central temple of Mu. One life has left a record, and that one priestess did not fall with the others, did not forsake her duty and her calling to keep the flame. And she reembodied after that period of the temple experience and after the fall of Mu. And that final embodiment was the capstone whereby, you see, having been severed from the culture of Mu and from the precise memory of the rituals of the sacred fire, she nevertheless retained devotion, and devotion in itself, moving with harmony, became her victory and her crown.

Now you see why North Americans are often drawn to Mexico and Mexico City, because they desire also to find balance, which is the balance of heart. Yet you also have a focus of the heart chakra in St. Louis and in Canada at the retreat of the Elohim Heros and Amora. There at Lake Winnipeg, the release of love forms an arc to St. Louis, another arc to Mexico City and other arcs to South American cities, where some have kept the flame of devotion. And many have kept that flame, although not quite to that degree which was held by this soul.

Therefore I have brought with me this ascended lady master this day, whose name has not been revealed by the Brotherhood, whose name shall not be revealed this day. But in her devotion to my flame, to the Cosmic Virgin, many have called her Maria—Maria for Mary, for Mother-ray.

And that name will always be the impersonal-personal action of the feminine ray for all who espouse the raising of feminine life, feminine energies, for the exaltation of the masculine and of Spirit’s release.[1]


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