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Коллективное сознание человечества; коллективное бессознательное рода человеческого (расы); наименьший общий знаменатель человеческого коллективного ведения, вибрирующего на уровне астрального плана. Массовый разум - это коллективный, компьютеризованный, запрограммированный разум человечества.

Cuzco comments on the challenge of the mass consciousness in spiritual evolution of the planet:

There is the median ground of the mass consciousness that will remain approximately the same unless this mass consciousness is galvanized to a lightbearer of such charisma, such charity, such qualities of the Holy Spirit as to not only quicken but to enliven and perhaps even to restore a divine spark in those in whom it has gone out.

But, beloved, those who are in the gray area of the masses, responding only to stimuli that are bombarded upon them through the various forms of media, do not respond well to those who carry light and [therefore they] are gradually pulled in a downward incline....

Beloved ones, discounting, then, the mass consciousness that goes the way of the world itself, the outcome of the planetary spheres does rest upon the few at the top and the bottom—whether those at the top recognize that they are indeed at the top and do carry the light on behalf of millions and whether they so reckon that their role is paramount in [the] defeating, by the call to light and the call to Hierarchy, of the fallen ones who move and wait and linger and lurk in the subterranean levels of mired consciousness.

Blessed ones, the destiny, then, of earth can be said to be in the hands of a few and [in the balance of] the decisions that are made by those in the spectra of Light and those in the spectra of Darkness.[1]

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